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queen of Inoshi tribe

Inoshi is a race native to planet of Garganta Prime in Atlantis Systems region of Galaxy. They were first discovered by Epsilon Project when they were in their stone edge. But with epsilon settling on a planet they quickly got to a more progressive


They are red skinned and have a very important Thing on their head. They are humanoid race.


This race is red skinned and lives for 300 years. They can live without food for few weeks because they store the nutrients and minerals for living in one organ which is placed on the back side of their stomach. They have enchanced regeneration rate and they are very fast. Theirs fingers are very powerful because of a very big jungle for centuries they had to learn how to climb well. They also have three hearts thought they are quite small. The body depending on male or female is very much the same as humans. At the bottom of their tummy they have a special organ which helps them contact telepathecaly.

Their Pregnancy last 12 months and the baby already borns able to communicate with his mother telepathecallly.They later found out that they an mate with other species but only humans,asari and drell.


They dont have a significant culture because of their yong age.


They worship a goddes Shara Akida the goddes of children.Also they worship their queen who is said to be part of Shara's Akida bloodline.


This race appeared roughly 5 thousand years before 2200. The civilization in the start been very stupid but with time it progressed. But in 2000 they reached their perfection and couldn't progress further. for 210 years the remained on one level without progression. But soon Epsilon Projects came to planet they started to progress quicker. First it was for their Queen Faya Akida who together with Epsilon created the first mobile CX-345. Later she created a better armor and technology for her people. She would play a big role in Batarian Rebels which grown into Imperialist organisation known as Six Blasts.

The next era would come with a daughter of Faya Verona who would be a legend because of her age and a number of Children she had.Many people would feel hot love to her. She would have in the last year of her reign 25 children. The oldest will take the rule and be the head of family. By the time of this ruler their country would grow that much that they will be nearly ready to use mass Relays.

Than in the next era a more powerful ruler would Emerge Anylia Akida who would be famous on Earth and in Epsilon for her conquers over mens heart. She didn't mated with everyone just to mate but she realy did it because everyone who would love died in a year. Also in her reign she would finaly create a powerful weaponary.

Notable InoshiEdit

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