The Irregular Operations Squadron or IOS is a branch of the N7 Academy for irregular operations, such as: EVA, SCUBA, and in-atmosphere flight ops. The IOS Graduates have a Blue stripe on the helmet and shoulder instead of a red stripe. The IOS is currently stationed on the SSV Halifax.


The training for the IOS is the same of that in regular N7, it is merely just an addition to unnormal skills. The graduates are undertake extra classes in their chosen skill.

Known GraduatesEdit

Put down any of your IOS Graduates in the known list:

  • Jakob Dahl
  • Samantha Grenon
  • Alistar Thompson
  • Artyom Petrovsky
  • Chris Herrald
  • Melanie Kolam
  • Southgate Kensington
  • Yasmin Calimha

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