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Yarik Streydus
Biographical information


Date of birth

Unknown (Estimated to be around 35.)

Date of death

December, 2191

Physical description









6'1" / 186

  • M-5 Phalanx
  • M-22 Eviscerator
  • M-96 Mattock
Hair color



He seems to have implants in his spine and back of the skull, several tubes can be seen.

Chronological and political information



Nothing is known about his history before Cerberus, or where he got his name. The only fragment of information about his past is with the Alliance, shortly after which he went AWOL. He is known to have been good friends with Zikan Drakon, and Donnie Cazador, and also had close relations with Curtis Aldrin.


Streydus, after leaving the Alliance, became a charismatic military figure. Many were intrigued by his prowess on the battlefield, even his looks. He adopted renegade habits from his friend Cazador which joined along with him and Drakon. Out of the three, Streydus was technically the first to join, but Drakon's charm got him the respect of every Cerberus member, and effectively became their middle man "spy", never would they have expected his charm to be so powerful as to get him a seat on the Council. While Drakon was working behind the scenes, Streydus and Cazador spearheaded the assaults, and dealt with the muscle in Cerberus operations. Cazador was the more physically imposing of the two but Streydus had the better leadership skills by far, and usually got his unit out alive. Cazador had a severe longing for survival, and thus he rarely got injured, when he did he shrugged it off like a krogan. Streydus became a pivotal military figure of Cerberus. It was only until the death of the Illusive Man that he was restricted, then he unleashed his full potential.

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