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Janina Craster is a former officer of the Systems Alliance Navy and the commanding officer of the Corsair mission in Mass Effect: Batarian Tango.

Appearance and BackgroundEdit

Janina Craster is an attractive dark-haired woman of approximately 40 years.

Ambitious, capable and arrogant are the three fitting adjectives to describe the woman. Craster has commanded a cruiser in the Battle of the Citadel, when the geth had attacked the centre of galactic civilization. She has been awarded Several medals, first by the Alliance, later by the Council.

Coming from a rich family, Craster had enjoyed a life of fame, but unfortunately for her, that fame had gotten to her head, enough
Janina Craster

Cpt. Janina Craster

so that she had taken her mistress, an asari, with her on a tour of duty. Her superiors weren't too happy about that, and they were understandably outright pissed when Naval Security found out that her 'mistress' was, in fact, a member of the asari secret service: a spy with almost unlimited access on an Alliance cruiser. A massive scandal would have ensued would it not have been for the patronage Craster had been under. Her family posed a dynasty of influential politicians. She was taken out of active service quietly, her files blackmarked.

Craster as a CorsairEdit

Janina Craster still refers to herself - and demands the same from others - as Captain Janina Craster. She is capable in her own right but uncomfortable with the whole concept of the Corsairs, preferring to let the people under her deal with the real life issues of working and living beyond the safe frontiers of Citadel space. Craster does things by the book and hopes good performance (or, at least, making herself look good) provides a ticket back into her old life and career.

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