Jiral Commandos are the main and most common force in the Jiral armed forces. Known as ruthless, sadistic beasts.

Description Edit

Jiral Commandos are bipedal monsters with four yellow eyes, sharp fangs, and short tempers. Known for their lack of mercy, Commandos are often seen eating dead bodies on the battlefield. The Jiral Commandos make up the bulk of the Jiral in the armed forces including the Terminus Systems Federation. They wield high-powered assault rifles called 77-Ripper Rifles and powerful heavy armor. Their four eyes give them incredible vision on the battlefield making it difficult to sneak up on one. Sometimes, they will lash out in an extreme temper tantrum and attack everything in sight though they pass out a few minutes later,

Tactics Edit

Jiral Commandos are usually seen in squads of eight. They use fear tactics to lower morale for incoming enemies, usually displaying mangled bodies for all to see. They have a wide array of tactics to quickly bring down targets. They are known to ambush troops in dark or cluttered environments. They also use heavy fire tactics. A team of eight will usually fire on their target with heavy artillery weaponry, either mowing them down or supressing them to their breaking points. In close quarters, they charge at full speed, shrugging off any thing else that could be happening and bludgeoning their target to death. Sometimes, Jiral Commandos will intentionally take rookie or sick Commandos and use them as cannon fodder, recieving heavy casualties but creating openings in which the more veteran soldiers can take shots at the enemy.

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