Jkou is a blind Yahg, currently kept in a secured location somewhere on the Citadel and part of Sal's psychological sessions with Vayla Demrega.

Taken off ParnackEdit

Jkou was taken off Parnack by various members of Salarian Union who intended to turn yahg into a peaceful and well-socialized species, capable for galactic civilization. Jkou, astonishingly, was a yahg that could reason without the need for social experiments to conduct on him but was still kept in his confinement due to the suspicions of him possibly using a peaceful stance to mask a uncontrollable angry behavior.

Transfer to the CitadelEdit

Having earned the respect of his captors Jkou was transferred to the Citadel a week before Saren's geth armada attacked it. The heavy damage sustained by the attack forced Jkou to be moved to a more secure cell which resulted in him to lose wood carving as a favorite past time and a shock collar placed around his neck to ensure his behavior was kept in check. As he is given back his favorite occupation he meets Sal Polaris, a newly inducted member of the Citadel Security Special Forces, and Mira's protégé.

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