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Jkou is a captured yahg, formally held at a secret location somewhere on Sur'Kesh to be converted into a peacful being that could fit into galactic society due to the Yahg species' brutal nature. Jkou was a successful yahg to be capable of reason, logic, and knowledge.

Taken off ParnackEdit

Jkou was taken off Parnack by various members of Salarian Union who intended to turn Yahg into a peaceful and well-socialized species, capable for galactic civilization. Jkou, astonishingly, was a yahg that could reason without the need for social experiments to conduct. Despite the peaceful nature of him, he was still deemed unfit for galactic society due to the suspicions of him possibly using a peaceful stance to mask his uncontrollable angry behavior.

For 12 years experiments were done to turn Jkou into a well-behaved yahg in spite of complaints from his doctors and therapists who had already began to accept Jkou was deemed for a civil life.

Transfer to the CitadelEdit

“I smell meat!”

Having earned the respect of his captors Jkou was transfered to the Citadel a week after Saren's geth armada attacked it, forcing him to be left in a made cell to compensate for the lack of a more improved cell. He would not be let out until later on when he met Mira T'Gosa and then Sal Polaris, a newly introduced member of the Citadel Security Special Forces.

Cannibal SensationsEdit

Abnormally, Jkou is a yahg that craves the taste and smell of meat or any organic being either a person or animal regardless of the element they are based on as he is shown to not suffer any infflictions due to the occastional starvation he is forced to endure for days. If any person in his presence as a cut or scrape that is emanating blood, Jkou will smell the scent of blood and hunt the source.

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