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Biographical information


Date of birth

2184 (7 years)

Physical description







5'9" / 135

  • M-6 Carnifex
  • M-97 Viper
Chronological and political information

Captain Ambrose


Jolt as he is known by organics, was a Geth platform similar to Legion, the only difference is, he had a much more human personality. Jolt, like EDI, was prone to jokes, and often had a very silly personality. He had a tendency to make fun of anyone and anything. While most Geth were considered Paragons, they believed in doing the right thing the right way, Jolt was a straight up Renegade. He believed in torturing people to give up information should they not give it up the first time around. What jolt lacked in brute strength he made up for in skill and lethal efficiency.

The PegasusEdit

Jolt joined the Pegasus crew under unforeseen circumstances. With nobody left to turn to, Ambrose and the SSV Pegasus turned to the Migrant Fleet, however, they were intercepted by a Geth Ship. Not knowing the Geth were peaceful, the Pegasus docked with the ship, fully armed, ready to take out anything. Six Geth were killed before Jolt stopped them. After a conversation, discussing that the two had mutual goals, they agreed to work together, just 6 years ago Shepard had convinced the Quarian people not to go to war with the Geth, and now they are already on better terms. Jolt explained that a Geth ship would never be allowed into the Migrant Fleet, but an Alliance vessel just might, Jolt asked if he could get transport to the Migrant Fleet in order to convince them to maybe join forces against The Indoctrinated threat. Ambrose agreed, and Jolt joined the Pegasus crew. After arriving at the Migrant Fleet, Ambrose managed to convince the Quarians to hold a meeting of the utmost importance, because somehow Ambrose knew the Migrant Fleet was next on the Indoctrinated hit list. Ambrose had met a Quarian that had been on her pilgrimage during his time cleaning up after Shepard, his time fighting the Geth back in 2183, which also helped. After several hours Jolt, Ambrose, and Evy, the Quarian, managed to convince the Geth and the Migrant Fleet to cooperate, if only for this one instance knowing the wake of the approaching Reaper invasion. As a result, Evy and Jolt both joined the Pegasus, and Evy'Brennan vas Shinokk became Evy'Brennan vas Pegasus.

Noticeable Physical and Personality TraitsEdit

  • Like Legion, he has a red stripe on his shoulder, however, unlike Legion's it was not derived from N7 Armor, it may just be a way to tell him apart from other Geth.
  • In battle, he sometimes cackles maniacally.

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