The Juggernaut Class Super Dreadnaught is by far the largest of all dreadnaughts and the most powerful Dreadnaught.  The Juggernaut Class Super Dreadnaught is constructed by Humans, Carrpaians and Tarrpaians. The Super Dreadnaught is the property of the Extragalactic Alliance (EGA.) Dreadnaught or Dreadnought literally means Fear Nothing and Juggernaut means an unstoppable force and or being physically destructive. There are only four super Dreadnaughts, the EGS Juggernaut and the EGS Omega Supreme, Omega Supreme is not in the Milky Way Galaxy. The third (SSV Reaper Nemesis) and fourth (EGS Pangaea Ultima) ones are currently under construction at the Extragalactic Alliance's Imperial Carrpaian Naval Yard.

History Edit

Statistics (Note- the statistics are for EGS Reaper Nemesis) Edit


  • Length: 35kms
  • Height: 8kms
  • Weight: 11 Billion metric tons
  • Armor Thickness: 17m 


  • Humans: 190,000
  • Carrpaians: 300
  • Tarrpaians: 120
  • Asari: 250,000
  • Turians: 350,000
  • Salarians: 160,000
  • Krogans: 400,000
  • Quarians: 100,000
  • Geth: 600,000
  • Drell: 120,000
  • Bararians: 180,000


  • 900 Plasma Defense Turrets
  • 190 Rotary Cannons
  • 1 twin Hyper Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
  • 1 Gamma Ray Burst Cannon
  • 4 Liberator Cannons 
  • 12 Quantum Destructors
  • 2 Annihilator Cannons
  • 4 high intensity X-ray Lasers
  • 1 Neutron Cannon
  • Anti Matter Cannon


  • Kinetic Field Barrier
  • Gravity Field Manipulator

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