Kraid was a Validus and leader of the Primos Guards.

Kraid was born on Gino IV in 49067 BCE. He was an only child and had few friends as a child. When he was nine years old, his people made first contact with the Protheans. Over time, the Protheans would occasionally go to Gino IV and leave behind some of their new technology. Kraid was eleven years old when the Protheans broke contact with the Validuss. When the Protheans left, he was more interested in crime. He stole much of the Prothean artifacts and sold them for massive amounts of currency. During a deal gone bad, Kraid killed his client and was later captured by authorities. He spent 5 years in prison, increasing his strength and dexterity. While in prison, Kraid heard of the growing tension between the populace and Emperor Gandred. He was released from prison in the beginning of the Validus Rebellions. During the rebellions, he met Renos and became good friends with him. Together, they started riots in many cities. Kraid often stole supplies from imperial facilities and brought them to the Validus who suffered most. At the end of the riots, Kraid became part of Renos' colonization fleet and a miner. During the war with the Vesprin, Kraid was given the title of War Chief by Renos and was sent on a number of missions, usually winning in landslide victories.

At the age of 21, Kraid became friends with Selao, Aios, and Leiandra when he formed the Primos Guards. He later gained recognition in the public eye when he created the Primoku martial art. The Primoku was practiced by the Primos Guards as a form of defense and quick executions. It later became the basis for all Validus close-combat. He became a recluse who spent time learning of spirituality from Selao and became a powerful biotic. After learning biotic abilities, Kraid created the Primanta martial art. The Primanta was an updated form of the Primoku, utilizing biotic abilities to brutally eliminate multiple targets at once. As a master of martial arts, Kraid was the greatest warrior in Validus history. When the Vesprin attacked Vela, Kraid slaughtered them easily, leaving their ground forces crushed. He was sent to obliterate their forces during land battles while Renos dealt with aerial forces. This led to an end of the Vesprin.

At age of 24 years old, Kraid returned to his life style as a hermit, living alone until he was begged by people to teach them the martial arts. He lived this way until he was approached by Aios and Renos. They asked if he would lead the Primos Guards again as a new threat known as the Reapers were discovered as a deadly threat. He became the captain of the dreadnought, Death Chariot, and was quickly recognized as a brilliant captain and strategist.

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