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Kraken was once a famous and powerful


dreadnought. Commissioned some time in 2164 CE, the ship was once the pride of the turian navy until a terrorist saboteur managed to destroy the ship's reactor, sabotage it's breathing systems, and shutdown it's kinetic barriers. Explosive charges placed in many other places of the vessel were meant to destroy it, but as the crew escaped they obviously under-estimated the strength and durability of the mighty ship. The ship drifted away before recovery teams could track it down and it's tracking systems had long since went dead, but the ship would re-enter service years later as the headquarters of the ruthless Cronos organization.

Complement Edit

The Kraken is armed to the teeth with several powerful forward-facing mass-accelerator guns on the large ship. An extensive GARDIAN systems adds to defense along with an extra armor plating and powerful kinetic shields. The dreadnought has several torpedo launchers and homing-missile pods for combat and is complemented with small underbelly hangars holding several hundred Seeker Drones. A new and more powerful reactor replaced the one that was lost, stolen by Cronos from an asari dreadnought.

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