This article, Kratus, was written by Milkman Conspirator. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Kratus was once a Heretic Station but a swift and brutal attack by the Blood Krantt has ensured that the station has become the headquarters of the militant krogan group. It's location on the edge of the Perseus Veil has ensured that no civilians or military personnel from Citadel-space would be able to find them and live to tell the story and extensive reprogramming in the station's computer and transmission systems has made the station practically invisible to the geth aswell.

The station's security systems have been modified to detect intruders before they even reach the station and


has been added to the exterior of the station aswell as long-range anti-ship cannons. To sustain the occupants of the station, the addition of an air system was necessary and the Blood Krantt has begun work on adding dozens of docking platforms for their ships, which constantly surround the station. The Blood Krantt has used much of the technology from Kratus to develop new weapons, armor, vehicles, and starships. Many experiments in controlling the geth also take place here.

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