This article, Krogan Berserker Elite, was written by Skywaver. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


Krogan Berserker Elites are advanced forms of Krogan Berserkers. These Berserkers are stronger and faster than their underdeveloped brethren and are more intelligent than them without being individualistic. Berserker Elites are more aggressive and brutal than other krogan berserkers, engineered by Doctor Warlord to have an insatiable blood lust.

They are more durable than average berserkers and they have much greater skill than them--Berserker Elites have enough talent with weapons to gun down an entire platoon of soldiers from another species and they have been granted biotic abilities, though weaker than that of a Battlemaster. Krogan Berserker Elites are capable of greater tactics, as they are often seen changing strategies in mid-combat to adapt instead of simply dying in a fit of rage.

They are more capable of self-control than other krogan but they also go into blood rage more often; the fact that they are faster, stronger, and capable of taking greater damage than average berserkers makes this trait fatal to their targets.

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