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Kutter is a leading smuggler and crime lord headquartered on Omega. He is very different from the typical krogan that most people know. He is very much opposed to fighting enemies himself and prefers to send people to do his dirty work for him. He is also a more strategic and intellectual krogan with a number of different business deals which tend to all be in effect at the same time.

Kutter values money over all and, when he was younger, sold one of his hearts and one pair of his testicles for a few million credits. He hates all species equally, putting everyone on equal ground with him. He will not let the history between the krogan and the turians get in the way of a profitable deal with a few wealthy turian business partners.

Activities Edit

Kutter has major stakes in the Red Sand and Element Zero trades. He has his workers take Red Sand from Omega and transport it to certain docks on Illium, where dock workers have been either placed on Kutter's payroll or threatened by his muscle. Speaking of which, Kutter has taken control of a few Blood Pack groups and converted them into his permanent thugs. Kutter also has many turian, asari, salarian, and human mercenaries who tend to work freelance for Kutter. He does have one permanent bodyguard however; Sorius. Kutter has recently been taking interest into the slavery ring circling the galaxy.

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