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The Light Aerial Transport (commonly known as the LAT or Cricket) is an airborne transport craft employed by the Systems Alliance Terra Corps.

The LAT-S45 has become a very prominent vehicle within the Terra Corps and has continued to serve special forces well, especially during the

First Contact War

and Skyllian War. Even though it's smaller and cheaper to manufacture than other Alliance vehicles, the Cricket is still a very efficient craft and proves to be a formidable gunship aswell.

Description Edit

Overview Edit

The LAT-S45 Cricket is an aircraft used mostly by special forces units though it is occasionally employed by small fireteams and squads for quick entry and extraction. It uses twin engines and a mass effect core for maximum speed and maneuverability. The vehicle has fairly impressive space, seating two pilots in the cockpit, six Terrans in the bed of the aircraft, and two gunners in the same bed. One of the more useful and defining features on the vehicle is it's advanced stealth system. Two large propeller-like antennae on the craft emit a powerful frequency that hides the LAT from both enemy and allied sensor systems. Even more impressive is the fact that the antennae cause the tracking systems in guided missiles and rockets to short, making anti-air weaponry useless against the vehicle. Adding to it's defense is strong titanium plating and a kinetic barrier.

Arsenal Edit

The Cricket has a modular armament system, allowing weapons to be attached or swapped out. Usually, the main weapon of the aircraft is a chin-mounted mass accelerator autocannon. This weapon is devastating as it has armor-piercing explosive rounds, lending the vehicle severe anti-armor and anti-infantry capability. In the bed of the vehicle, two Overlords are mounted to give extra firepower capability ordinarily. When going into areas known to have strong aerial resistance, Crickets are mounted with anti-air missile pods.

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