This article, LOKI A-Type, was written by Terminus50. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

LOKI A-Type is the official classification of the assault variant of the LOKI Mechs. LOKI A-types are models of LOKI that are armed with assault rifles and shotguns. They have slightly denser armor and the addition of a kinetic barrier module. Assault LOKI Mechs have been updated with greater Virtual Intelligence programming for greater strategic operation and teamwork function, perfect for their purpose as assault units.

LOKI a-type mechs look exactly like normal LOKI Mechs, though with slightly more plating and blue replacing the red coloration on their bodies. The Black Suns make use of Assault LOKI Mechs but splattered them with black paint and tampered with their voicing modules to give them deeper voices.

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