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When the Inquisitors came Dawn was able to communicate the deadliest and most powerful of all crime lords. In order to defeat the Inquisitors he asked them to Unite and strike. They agreed under different Circumstances. One of which was to agree of Fairfax Contract. After it the league was formed and with their help the Inquisitors were successfully repelled.


Oblivion HuntersEdit

During the Inquisitor Invasion Dawn became the representer of Oblivion Hunters . He contacted everyone through the old briefing room in Warehouse 819 in one of forgotten regions on Omega. This gave the League of Unjust a leading faction and its so called "Leader" became Dawn before giving this title to Prophet. The main sponsor when the situation get tight is Oblivion Hunters and Weyrloc Krogan.

Last Weyrloc KroganEdit

Wrath was the partner of Oblivion Hunters before and Echelon was able to make him go to this meeting. After it he became the Brute Force leader allowing the Hunters to command while he would infiltrate. His army of last surviving and those who are opposing Urdnot Wrex Weyrloc krogan made and important discovery the Inquisitor Immune System. After it he lead his army to wipe out their presence in Terminus and parts of Nemean Abyss. After it he took the role of Biggest Military organization in the League and also planned out few reforms with his right hand Nila he would take the League onto a new level. To something more when just a government.

Turian AnarchyEdit

Opposing the Turian Hierarchy the Turian Anarchy was formed in the lost Turian colony of Ismael 34. There a cunning leader known as Dearing Actus have excepted the Fairfax Contract and helped Dawn to clear the Nemean Abyss from Inquisitors. Now the Anarchy had a new way of Life and they only waited before they can stripe the Hierarchy from their leadership but because Fairfax Contract they had no authority to attack their races governing structure.

Batarian Clan TectaEdit

Rogue FleetEdit

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