Limbo is the capital of The Indoctrinated armies and fleets. The entire systems lies just beyond the rim of the Milky Way Galaxy, and has no noticeable planets, just a single massive construct in the center in which all the celestial bodies orbit. The only celestial bodies in the system are two massive star ship graveyards, which appear to be asteroid belts at first glance, but closer one can see they are interconnected by many bio-mechanical structures designed by the Indoctrinated and the


, and all of the graveyard belts are connected to the single planet-like structure in the center, about the size of our sun, sol, and generally occupies the role generally found by a star, only in this case it appears to be a hollowed-out planet, that could have once been a massive planet, but is most likely entirely artificial, constructed by the Reapers, and essentially acts as a massive dyson sphere, or a Reaper Space Station, at which the Reaper fleet that entered through the Far Rim Relays is docked, along with the Indoctrinated Fleet.


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