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Lisea Masari
Asari Spectre

Lisea Masari was a highly-decorated Spectre and one of the Citadel Council's greatest agents. She is the offspring of an asari and a krogan, both of which chose to die rather than kill one another in the Krogan Rebellions. Though she is skilled with weapons, Lisea usually relies on her powerful biotic abilities in combat.

Lisea was responsible for the destruction of an entire mercenary ring outside of Council-space, which was far outside of her jurisdiction. Here, she found a young drell boy which she would adopt and begin to train the boy, whom she saw much potential in. Lisea had been involved with hundreds of missions, but her last known case was the investigation of an unknown krogan warlord that had been building an army.

Dossier Edit

- Biotic strength of an asari matriarch

- Extensive combat training

- Decades of combat experience

Lisea is an extremely powerful biotic and a skilled combatant in conventional manners aswell. Talented in infiltration and assassination. Master of several martial arts and marksmanship. Known to be both cold and compassionate.

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