Krogan Bloodshed
The Lusian Occupation was an event during the Krogan Uprising in which the


colony of 


was attacked by an army of 


authorized by Warlord Brodas. The first hours of the occupation were of little violence, as krogan simply took control of the transportation arrays and the orbital defenses.

The krogan began rounding up civilians as prisoners and, after attempts by colonial police to free them, the krogan began slaughtering the prisoners. An armada of asari cruisers arrived in the orbit of Lusia but were held back by the colony's own defenses.

Asari Commandos

arrived on the surface and attempted to break apart the krogan occupation but were unable to defeat the overwhelming numbers and strength of the krogan invaders. In time the krogan left on their own after acquiring enough prisoners and supplies from the planet, leaving a death toll of over 1,000 in their wake.

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