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[[File:Designated Marksman Rifle|center|263px]]
M-456 Guardian
Type: Assault Rifle
Location: Unknown
Accuracy: Moderate
Recoil: Low
Fire Mode: High
Fire Rate: High Rate
Reload Time: 30 seconds
Damage Stats
Base Damage: 45
Base DPS: 250
Damage Multipliers Armor: x1.75
Shields: Unknown
Barriers: x2.5
Range Multipliers Point-Blank: x6.0
Short: x3.25
Medium: x2.0
Long: x6.5
Hitbox Multipliers Head: x3.0
Chest: x0.0
Limbs: x1.25
Ammunition Stats
Shots Per Clip: 560
Maximum Spare Ammo Capacity Default: N/A
Armor Pack: N/A
Upgraded: N/A
Both: N/A
Ammo Pickup Amount: 30-50

The M-456 Guardian is the most common type of assault rifles developed by Drell First Technologies. Employed only by Oblivion Hunters and lately smuggled to Turian Anarchy this type became one of most common guns in United Drell Nebula and it currently is the only gun created by Drell and used by someone else. This gun production was lately shut down by Batarian Pirates. In order not to allow the council thing that Drell are selling this weapon it was replaced by M-97 Vanguard. Secretly Oblivion Hunter were still selling this weapon. Soon Alliance started to use it and it was clear that Alliance became drell partner.

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