This article, M20 Warhound, was written by deadDATA. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The M20 Warhound is an armored all-terrain vehicle. It is protected by a thick metallic compound denser than that of the M35 Mako that can protect against major ballistics and collision damage. It provides a strong defense against directed energy and plasma weaponry at equal efficiency. The Warhound is powered by Binary Chariot 3.45 Engines with a central Element Zero core that provides maximum speed and necessary weight counter-balance systems.

The Warhound has both underside and rearside thrusters that allow the vehicle to hover and travel and increased bursts of speed. It's complex hydraulic systems provide enhanced shock absorbancy and it's suspension and propulsion system gives optimum efficiency when traversing multiple terrains. The Warhound is equipped with two front-mounted machine guns and a 135m mass accelerator cannon, both of which can be operated by the driver. The Warhound also has a large cargo space and high-strength tow cables.

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