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N7 Panther
The M30 Panther is a rapid assault vehicle employed by the Systems Alliance Terra Corps and

Systems Alliance Navy

. The Panther is heavily-armored in titanium alloy and covered in an ablative ceramic coating for added defense and improved heat protection. The hull is covered with laser detection arrays, which forewarn the crew of enemy laser-guided ordnance. Ground-penetrating radar allows detection of anti-vehicle mines and other subsurface anomalies. These will be brought to the attention of the crew by the vehicle's micro-frame computer system. The hull of the Panther is also coated in small lenses which allow for the activation of a

Tactical Cloak

and enhanced sensor jamming systems make the vehicle invisible to sensory arrays. 

For deployment on low-gravity planetoids, it is equipped with micro-thrusters and a small element zero core, which can be used to increase mass and provide greater traction. While not large enough to nullify the vehicle's mass, the core can reduce it enough to be safely air-dropped (a maneuver normally requiring a minimum of 100m of open terrain). This allows frigates to deploy their shore parties while limiting the ship's exposure to defensive anti-aircraft artillery. When used in conjunction with thrusters, it also allows the Panther to extricate itself from difficult terrain. The Panther's suspension and propulsion system allow the vehicle to adapt to various terrain, as well as enabling the vehicle to change direction quickly via independently reversible wheels. The M30 Panther is used occasionally by the Systems Alliance Terra Corps for special operations but the vehicle is used almost exclusively by


operatives on high-priority missions.

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