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Spider Tank by MeganeRid
Metal Destroyer

MEGA is a unique synthetic created by Warlord on Korlus. Completely bound by Warlord's control, MEGA will do anything to appease his creator no matter the cost. MEGA was created from the scraps of old vehicles left on Korlus, updated with advanced hardware and integrated with specialized VI programming, developed to make MEGA into an unstoppable killing machine. MEGA is one of Warlord's larger creations at twice the size of a Mako. For the ultimate in defensive capability, MEGA is encased in a thick shell of an incredibly strong metal found exclusively on Korlus. A powerful kinetic shield generator is located within MEGA and creates powerful Kinetic Shield Panels in front of MEGA's main body at will. MEGA is equipped with a variety of deadly weapons like an autocannon, a mass accelerator cannon, and rocket launchers, but all of these weapons add a tremendous weight on the machine. MEGA's weak points are it's joints which feel the strain of this weight.

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