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Type: Sniper Rifle
Accuracy: Very High
Recoil: High
Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
Fire Rate: Low
Reload Time:
Damage Stats
Base Damage: 80
Base DPS: 700
Damage Multipliers Armor: x20.5
Shields: x20.5
Barriers: x20.5
Range Multipliers Point-Blank: x100.0
Short: x80.0
Medium: x70.0
Long: x60.5
Hitbox Multipliers Head: x10.0
Chest: x9.5
Limbs: x8.0
Ammunition Stats
Shots Per Clip: 10
Maximum Spare Ammo Capacity Default: 50
Armor Pack: 5
Upgraded: 65
Ammo Pickup Amount: (Min-Max)

The MS-110 Typhoon is an anti-material rifle with devastating power. The rifle has a high range capability at 1.5x of most sniper's range. This high range is due to the long barrel and powerful mass accelerator in the weapon, thus making it heavier aswell. The Typhoon fires armor-piercing rounds at a high velocity for maximum damage against armored units and mechs. The weapon made it's debut during the Siege of Minerva, with Systems Alliance Terra Corps personnel able to hold off waves of mechs and armored vehicles long enough for many evacuation crafts to escape.

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