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Type: Assault Rifle
Accuracy: Moderate
Recoil: Moderate
Fire Mode: Automatic
Fire Rate: Moderately High
Reload Time:
Damage Stats
Base Damage: 40
Base DPS: 600
Damage Multipliers Armor: x1.9
Shields: x1.9
Barriers: x1.9
Range Multipliers Point-Blank: x6.0
Short: x3.0
Medium: x1.8
Long: x0.5
Hitbox Multipliers Head: x5.0
Chest: x3.5
Limbs: x1.5
Ammunition Stats
Shots Per Clip: 30
Maximum Spare Ammo Capacity Default: 300
Armor Pack: 240
Upgraded: 500
Ammo Pickup Amount: (Min-Max)

The MS-41 Vigilante is a high-powered assault rifle. It was based off of the design of the M-83 Farcry, though with a few modifications. The lightweight and shortness of the Farcry has been sacrificed for maximum range and accuracy. The magazine capacity is less than the Farcry's but the ammunition the Vigilante packs a devastating punch. Armor-piercing incendiary rounds do maximum damage to enemy armor and is particularly lethal against organic targets though synthetics and kinetic barriers can withstand the weapon slightly better than others.

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