Mass Effect: Afterlife:

After the Inquisitors invaded the galaxy everything went into chaos. And its up to Dawn to stop the entire war but he suddenly disappears.Who will save the galaxy?

Chapters will be added each week...

Appearing CharactersEdit

Mass Effect Afterlife: PrologueEdit

“It went too far!!!”-Shouted Prophet in his long conversation with Echelon: “ Look we started the war and the galaxy is falling apart, we are going to need it to win the war!”

The conversation could have lasted for ages. Echelon was able to clam Prophet down. He knew that the CRONOS was too powerful and unreachable now. What was happening was the mere chance and a suicide for galactic community. Hybrid walked, and have fulfilled the galaxy. There were only 10 but it still was a hard task to manage. Best operative were dead. The city works of Shakrahna has stopped and Oblivion Hunters were on the edge of financial crisis. Dawn fell of the grid while he was picking up the modified Inquisitor. Ashley Richards was breaking the firewalls and it got harder to keep her stable. The only way to destroy the Inquisitors was on the Asgard. Last chance was destroyed. Inquisitors were about to attack the citadel. And when the galaxy needed him he disappeared.

Dawn was sent to bring the infiltration unit. His team was suited with the best equipment possible and now… Echelon was worried about.

Meanwhile Prophet moved to the outside of main structure. Two more turns before getting to the outside. He made one more turn and heard a siren. This could only mean that Ashley broke free. A biotic push, pushed Prophet into the wall. Ashley was freed. Prophet raced after her. He was able to get near when she was getting to Kodiak shuttle. Prophet grabbed after one of its thrusters and hoped onto it. Ash was inside the pilot cabin. Prophet dragged his gun out and shot. Ashley fell out of the window. Kodiak shuttle moved towards the earth and was about to crash.

Heart beating, He saw at least one inquisitor ship descending to Shakrahna’s surface. On the otherside the Oblivion Hunter’s facility was breaking. Few explosions have caused the Oblivion Facility to break. Chaos settled on the planet.

Echelon was looking out of the window he saw what happened and new that new phase of Inquisitor war was about to start. He saw Prophets Actions. He replied to the siren as the ship slowly sent troppers to the surface: “It Started”

Across the galaxy ne echo was coming. It was a call from Oblivion Hunters home planet. Each member had to return. All power were brought to Shakrahna while secondary operatives remained to guard the operations. And as the chaos ripped the galaxy body of Ashley Richards awakened. She heard the siren was still going and her creators attacked the planet. “Soon Cronos will be mine”- she whispered and that was official start of last battle of this war….

Chapter 1: Project A34Edit

2 weeks ago…

Dawn was relaxing in his cabin while his crew were finishing rebuilding of Cargo deck after Siege of Omega. Dawn knew that the only secured place was Nemean Abyss. Inquisitor still had days before going in there. Dawn stood up. He needed to talk to Prophet. Dawn exited his room and went to main structure. He was about to walk into h elevator when he met Wrath.

“So, Can I go?”-asked Dawn and was about to go when giant Krogan stopped him.

“Dawn, Prophet cant talk right now so you better go back.”-replied Wrath

“Are you his private secretary or something ?”-Dawn tried to get past him but Krogan insisted.

“ I told you, you can’t go. Follow me.”-Dawn got suspicious. But followed him.

On the way to the stairs Wrath started. “I am now officially part of Oblivion Heralds. And will be helping you to get the infiltration Unit. But I don’t want to be blind in your actions so I arranged my son to join your crew.”

“He is also that tall?”-asked Dawn

“Might grow bigger”-joked Wrath.

Dawn followed Wrath till he got to the shuttle. After it Dawn went to Docks where his ship was placed. He observed the cargo deck and saw giant and powerful Krogan who was moving big plate to the “scar”. Dawn walked into the ship. He was sure he would find Saphira in her quarters working. So he went there…

Meanwhile Prophet walked towards the scientist working in the lab on lower levels and asked: “So?”

Scientist finished his calculations and replied: “Ashley is growing suspicious of what is happening. I don’t know how long we would be able to resist her attempts to break, but it would be soon. I would advice to shut her down and destroy. But I am not an adviser. “-stopped scientist, he looked at the cell and continued: “Her hybrid status is too powerful for us to diverse.”

“You can return her?”-asked Prophet

“Theoretically yes, but it is going to take some time. But the hardest bit would be to communicate with her”-he stopped: “She already gave birth to an offspring. And the offspring not just a hybrid but more of a messiah.”

“Thing are getting tense in Terminus. Omega is at danger. Not that we should protect it but having a weapon would get us better…with the council.”-finished Prophet.

Prophet observed the project a bit more and when turned and walked away. Plan was absolute. Echelon was days till the end of the war.

The ship was ready and Dawn was ready to depart. The ship took off. The mission was simple. Get To Asgard, take the shipment and return. Dawn continued to circle it in his head for few hours. He knew that the mission was simple and with such grew he will definitely succeed but something was bothering him. Suddenly ships pilot Alice or nicknamed Ace by her friends and crewmates interrupted Dawn’s thought through the intercom.

“Commander, We are about to get through the relay.”

“And what, we have done it thousands of times and you never contacted me personnaly?”-asked Dawn

“Well, when we had pirates, geth, bandits and other people on our tail or we are on their but this time…”-Alice was interrupted by Dawn:

“To the point…”

Alice continued: “Well, Asgard fell of the grid. Midgard was last reported to be attacked.”

“Echelon knows about it?”-asked Dawn.

“We can’t establish the communication Link. They know we are coming.”-replied Alice: “professor Bowne just tried to contact us but the sound is mute. We can’t do anything.”

“Bowne, where is he?”-asked Dawn, again.

“Was on Shakrahna. Alice out”-the intercom silenced.

Dawn was about to walk down but his eye caught small hologram on his desk.

“I knew it would be that easy…”


Wrath was moving with his frigate and Nila towards the mass relay when suddenly the ship engines blew.Wrath moved out of his room to the bridge. When the door opened he saw multiple dead bodies. Seconds later he heard someone shouting.

“They Boarded the Ship, Everyone to Weapons!!!”-shouted someone.

It was crewman Dex one of most feared krogan. Wrath grabbed his shotgun and was ready to go sown but he heard terrible voices from the cockpit. Wrath slowly moved his face there. He saw an Inquisitor slowly moving towards him. Wrath was a krogan, but he wasn’t a idiot. He knew that doing anything will kill him. Wrath slowly moved behind the door looking for something to use against him. Wrath saw explosive barrel. He concentrated his shot. The Blast covered Inquisitor. It bought some time for Wrath to travel to escape pod. But the Blood Rage. Wrath couldn’t resist and he went on cleaning the ship. He destroyed the ship to block inquisitors of but as one died ten more boarded.

Wrath was able to get to Inquisitor Ship and plant few charges. Using the biotics he was able to secure last four remaining from his crew. And get to escape pods. His right hand man was there. Nila disappeared. The ship was destroyed and Wrath had his own personnel inquisitor. Hell, Nila would find him when she would need. Suddenly something moved quick through the debris of floor above the pod was ready to go but it stopped. Nila ran from metal to pod. Suddenly something even more powerful stole Wraths attention. It was an Inquisitor Machine. It shot the wall near and the sound wave threw Wrath into the opposite wall. The pod locked and set off. Wrath stayed on the ship. Dex charged the machine into the wall. Wrath used the situation to move to the next pod. Dex was left. Wrath had a code of honor and he ordered Dex to get into the Pod. The ship was doomed. Two krogans were left. Now the entire mission had no sense.

“Can we contact the Amonkira?”-Asked Wrath

“Nope, It fell of the grid.” –finished Dex

“Great.”-replied Wrath when the pod started to move towards the nearest planet. The galaxy was at stake and Inquisitors obviously were more prepared. As Inquisitors moved through star systems the planets were destroyed. Till today mot planets were uncharted worlds but no one knew that Inquisitors planned the final blow on Uncharted After their next target. Falling apart, civilized planets were still safe. Wrath knew one thing for sure. That whatever happened next would only bring the fall.

“Dex?”-said Wrath

“Yes, Master...”-replied Dex “Coordinate to nearest hub planet, we are going to Tuchanka”-answered Wrath. Nila with six more surviving crew members was drifting in space. She saw the second pod. She knew that Wrath was alive but the whole operation was doomed. The inquisitor lying next to her in the pod fulfilled all the space. It gave some strange feel to her.

“What do we do now?”-asked one of the krogans

“Well, we meet our Master and follow him.”-Answered Nila. Nila had suspicion if she would ever meet Wrath again but that should not stop her. Bowne was sitting through the records which he made while trying to break Ashleys shield, nothing really made any sense but record 10 caught his eye:

“Record 10:

And again, nothing. Wait...eye movement. I am going to try and communicate. Do you hear me?

Cronos...Cronos.... Stop it!!!(screams)

Great I can contact with her. Some more time and i will be able to hack her firewals.

Professor Bowne”

Bowne listened into the tape and rushed into the lab. It was days ago, she could have awakened. He opened the lab and he saw her moving. Suddenly he fell. He couldn’t Move. The terminal stated: Firewalls from 50000 to 677890 broken.

Chapter 2: At Zen'sEdit

Kestrel Was on Illium for a few days. He was currently moving through the streets of Illium to one bar which he really liked. The rain was falling on his shoulder and he had to move quickly. When Kestrel was a child he was thrown into a river, from that day he never really liked water. Now that SGA gave him a new mission: Find Source of Inquisitors and he knew that only his old friend Zen knew what was going. Kestrel walked in. Zen a middle aged turian was arguing with some human.

When it ended Kestrel moved to Zen and engaged him in conversation: “ Who is that?”

Zen looked at kestrel and answered: “This Roy he is drunken fool. As Usual?”

“ No, Today I am going to try some Drell Multi-gene Cognac, Have any?”-said Kestrel. Today password which Zen used was Drell Multi-gene Cognac. Zen started to wonder how did he do it and replied. The reply was not loud but more of a whisper: “Today, after closing hours, Kestrel?”

“Thats why I like you straight to business. Now where is my Cognac?”-said Kestrel

Kestrel sat back in the chair and enjoyed 4 hours. When “At Zen’s” finally closed, Zen cleaned the bar and whispered: “Come here.” Kestrel stood up and followed Zen. Zen opened the room behind the bar and moved towards the small stairs. Zen turned back and looked at Kestrel. Kestrel wanted to ask why so much conspiracy, but zen made him go quite. When they were on the Utility level of Bar Zen used his omni-tool and scanned the holograms. When he done, he opened one hologram and said: “My sources say you are looking for Inquisitors...”-Kestrel interrupted him

“Why so much conspiracy? Last time you told me this straight at the bar!”-finished Kestrel

“You sources are terrible!!!”-discussed with his statement shouted Zen: “Inquisitors have 12 hybrids. They might have been in the bar. To the point: You would prefer to know that their fleet is moving towards Omega. Later plans say that they might move to Eden Prime or Turian Space.”

“Cost?”-asked Kestrel

“This time free, but remember that you wont be able to do this alone. You need and Army...or a really good team.”-answered Zen

“Team? I have people I trust, but they are working for... let’s say not good people”-replied Kestrel

“You and Dawn have developed friendship when you were working to destroy the fountain, you can work with him”-stated Zen

“You know everything, your ties with STG never let you down, right?”

Zen nodded. Kestrel had enough information. He went back but Zen stopped him. Zen led him to his garage located under Justicar’s Rest and gave him a transport to exit the place. Kestrel was on his way to Docks. Harder question remained: How to Find Dawn? Kestrel slowly moved towards the docks when he exited the transport with only one thought: Find Dawn.

The night was hard but the destiny planned total twist for the morning. Next day Zen was lucky. Many clients came to his bar. The profit was growing. Zen was tossing the drink for one client when someone glanced through the dance floor. He looked different. It was a human with red glowing eyes. Her hair was black and she wore very dull clothes. Zen looked at her. This human never looked anywhere except Zen. For Zen it looked like she was investigating him. He hoped that it wasn’t a hybrid. If she ever knew what he told to Kestrel she would have killed him. Zen finished the drink and gave it to the client. Zen called his assistant to bar. After that Zen started to move to the exit. He noticed that Hybrid was still following him. When Zen made it to clear Plaza he noticed an Asari merchant with the same eyes. Zen got scared. He looked back and saw The human. It was walking down the stairs after Zen. Zen went into the shop of Omni tool. In there he paid the shopkeeper to let him into the back of the shop. Zen ran to a crate full of merchandise and hid there. Suddenly Zen heard:

“Ahh, hello customers, what can I...Wait no need for violence please nooooooo!!!”-shouted the shop keeper. Zen knew they came for him. Zen picked his pocket grenade and threw it into the main room. The smoke gave time for Zen to escape. Zen climbed into the sewers and ran for his life.

Soon Zen was able to get out of the tunnel near the dock. Hybrids would find him. Zen saw few people putting merchandise into one crate which would go into the ship. Zen hoped there with a thought: “I don’t care where this ship goes but better away from those monsters”-And when he blacked out.

Kestrel opened his eyes slowly. Some heavy smoke was all around his cabin. The freighter he was travelling on was on fire. Kestrel stood up and looked outside the cabin. Everything was fine except that the elevator to bridge was destroyed. Kestrel took his gun and moved there.

He observed the elevator a bit and when... A sound, and again. Kestrel was about to to shoot when he heard the sound behind him. Kestrel quickly turned around and shot the vents. The metal shield near it fell. After it a batarian fell. The freighter was under attack. Kestrel was about to shoot the batarian but the crate behind him exploded. Kestrel was knocked back. When he tried to stand the metal floor broke and kestrel fell just near the escape pods. Few people ran to the escape pod. And suddenly...

Kestrel woke up.

“It was just a bad dream”-said Kestrel.

He looked at the monitor and it stated that they were on Installation 45. Kestrel packed up his things and moved to exit. Installation 45 was infamous because of it Mass Experiments. It was also a tourist trap. So kestrel knew that dawn was probably somewhere in Nemean Abyss and to get there he had to use the Installation Subject 4. He knew that he could have died, but that was the only chance. Kestrel raised his G54 sniper rifle and proceeded to “strictly off limits level”.

He saw the elevator. He stepped into it. The light above shown that there were 12 more levels to testing ground. He pressed the button. The transmission of thescientists came talking about instability of Subject 4. Kestrel replied: “Why when you try to proceed in suicide mission there is always someone to spoil the moment of honour and pride?”....

Kestrel Moved through the security vent of level Ajax. Kestrel exited the tunnel and moved towards the docking bay. Suddenly a guards without the gun ran from there without even noticing Kestrel. The guard was screaming and shouting in all the ways it could be. Kestrel started to act more wisely and slowly. He braved his guard up and proceeded into the next room. When the door opened he saw a scientist working on the giant console and multiple LOKI mechs around. Kestrel was about to ask what happened but before he had a chance to do it he saw rachni occupying the upper level. He looked up and saw a rachni, but it was different. It was big and red. It wasn’t a queen Rachni it was a bit smaller. Suddenly it released some kind of Smoke. The scientist looked up and shouted to Kestrel.

“Here, quick”-Shouted the scientist few time before Kestrel ran to him. There the scientist continued: “Look we tried to fight the Inquisitors and this Rachni-Inquisitor Hybrid creates smoke which cause hallucinations. They make you go crazy...”

“Why not just shoot at it?”-asked Kestrel

“It has bulletproof armour in order to fight with the Inquisitors. Look I will de activate it now.. just give me some time...”-insisted the scientist Suddenly the Rachni fell from the level above onto the floor nearby.

“How Many?”-asked Kestrel.

“What? Rachni. Just one.”-replied the Scientists. Kestrel rushed up to him and threw him into the wall. The scientist was trying to say something but Kestrel punched him into the face and shouted: “Look Up!”

“What?”-The scientist was unable to comprehend why would he look up.

Kestrel shouted again: “Look up you dirty bastard”. The scientist looked up and saw a dozen or more of rachni with Inquisitor upgrades. Scientist replied in creepy tone: “We are doomed!”

Installation 45 was on the mountain rage of the planet Dearkof. The planet was a colony of Salarians. Initially the salarians stopped living here and re-modeled the colony onto one giant installation. They quickly started working on creating new Mass Relays, and FTL cores. Eventually the projects became far more serious. Rachni clones were reproduced but they lived less than a day. When Inquisitors attacked all salarians were either enslaved or killed. The human scientist remembered Salarian husks and death. Later the facility was stated as out of control. Though tourist ships still went there it was a great risk. More importantly was that the Rachni progressed and evolved. They laid eggs few hours after birth. The workers never knew about it. This time because of scientist stupidity everything was placed under lockdown. The lives of remaining tourists was lost and Kestrel with a bastard scientists were locked in the lab just few levels away from the ship. Rachni were coming and there was absolutely no chance to get away. The scientist coordinate turrets and drones on them but because Rachni were sentient so they were able to overcome it.

Kestrel grabbed the scientists and ran through the cargo hold to the door which had a lock-off system. The scientist was able to get out of Kestrel hand quickly and run for his life. Kestrel nodded with his head took the gun and shot the bullet into scientist leg. Kestrel walked up to him and showed him the gun: “Where is the Ship?”

“Ship… What Mass SR-5. It is in the cargo. Look I am doomed and I will bleed before anything happens if you don’t do…”-The scientist was interrupted by Kestrel

“Look, My Friend, I will do whatever I can to save the facility. I will put you into the Med-bay and there you will peacefully die.”

“No”-shouted the Scientist: “Yeah blow up the place but put me into the Cold Labs, Please…”-begged the scientist.

“Wanna Freeze?”-Asked Kestrel jokingly: “Yeah I will do it. Codes???”

“What Codes?”-asked the scientist

“From the ship…”-replied Kestrel

Scientist opened his omni-tool and uploaded codes. Kestrel walked away. The person with the bleeding leg was begging for his mercy. Kestrel took no notice. He continued to shout. Kestrel thought that he brought on himself. And the cold labs was the bunker site of the Installation. He would live and continue with his experiments. Suddenly kestrel turned back. The rachni were about to get behind the door. Kestrel raised his Arc Rejector, which was fully loaded, and fired into the level above. After the explosion he and scientist were shielded from Rachni. He took the scientist on his back and ran. Kestrel started to get slower when they were about to reach the cargo. He placed the scientist near saying: “Look, The SGA are trying to clean up the galaxy from people like you. As I understand the Mass Blast of over Ships would clean it. I would have killed anyone like you and you are no exception. Lie here while I do the task. You will die but as I promised. Sit into that shuttle. I coordinated it to Cold Labs. Close there and go, remember, I will lock the cold labs. You are not getting out.”-Kestrel heard something in the vents: “Now go, go.”

The scientist wanted to make a progress and a weapon but he never did. Kestrel with clear soul planted EMP blast and Engine Charges all around. He sat into the ship and made it out. He opened the detonator, struggled a bit and when… Kestrel never knew what happened with the scientist. The door was lock and he would die from age. OHSV Amonkira was drifting towards Asgard. Dawn was sitting in his quarters looking through files which Echelon Sent him. Dawn was already finishing with them then a strange file glanced near his eyes. The file was coded under unknown to Dawn system. “Start the decoding”-replied Dawn. He rolled back on his chair and looked up. The roof above him had a large window made from a special material which wouldn’t break. He looked right and saw that he had a private message. He was too tired to read it right now.

“Commander, The file decoded”-announced the AI

Dawn humped back into his sitand looked at the decoded file. It was a blueprint. He looked in into the file. Suddenly Dawn minds sent him a warning. A large flash knocked Dawn. He fell from his sit and was tossed into the wall on the other side of the area.

Saphira, being an executive officer of the ship, an Asari walked in. At first she didn’t noticed that Dawn was lying unconscious and started speaking: “I managed the thing in the cargo deck...Commander?”-She looked at the floor and saw commander. After it she shouted: “Dawn... Commander. Wake up. It’s not funny. Dawn”-She checked his pulses and continued: “Dawn!!! Don’t Leave Me”....

Chapter 3: Inside the DarknessEdit

“We thrived. But when the reapers came our civilization was ruined”-Said the voice in the dark: “We needed someone, But he never came…”

After a few hours of listening to these words in the dark, Dawn finally opened his eyes. But this time the eyelids were heavier when normally. Dawn opened his eyes and looked up. The roof or the Sky which Dawn wasn’t sure about was red. The clouds were dark red and extremely cold wind blew against Dawn. Dawn was able to bring his body up and look around. He was standing on a giant pike with stairs near it. Beside him was a barren wasteland with a destroyed reaper in the background. Dawn remembered that before he awoke here he was in his cabin. Dawn was thinking about the voice, before it returned:

“…We were able to shape a perfect defense”-And as the voice said this it became harder and harder for Dawn to stand as each word he remembered weighted something: “As the time progressed we were able to move through galaxy looking for places where reapers never reached…”

Suddenly a transparent fleet rose from the wasteland with the planets.And the voice started to emit some strange language which Dawn couldn’t understand.

“…We started to use AI’s which we implanted ourselves and merged us with drones…”

Dawn suddenly felt that he weighted too much. The pike which he stood on started to fall down. It was absorbed by the barren wasteland. The fleet started to rise. The beasts, The inquisitors have attacked the fleet and they wiped us out.

“…First Reaper Loss. After it the drones went crazy. Organic Mind couldn’t control the AI and we destroyed our people…”

Dawn saw the events quick and blurry.

“…Last hope was LAIS programmed inside the keepers. He would call us when reapers are gone…”

Dawn started to see the schematics of Supreme Intelligence.

“When your species fought the reapers off The LAIS worked. The signal was sent. But we were unable to break from our cell. When we were open the AI made us attack your ambassadors…”

Dawn started to move towards the light when he heard someone shout his name and the voice finished the monologue with: “One was able to break. He was modified by your species and he was able to sent you the monogram…”

Dawn shouted out: “What is the monogram?”

“…Monogram is a type of beacon hidden in the power of words. It took 15,000 years to create it. We needed and messiah and he came. You are the Messiah.”

Dawn sight got blurry. He couldn’t stand. The weight on his shoulder was more when few tons and Dawn fell. He was absorbed by Wasteland. He felt when sand was falling onto his eyes. He couldn’t move.

Dawn Awoke…

Chapter 4: Hell of AsgardEdit

Dawn opened his eyes. At first his eyesight was blurry but it was clear that he was in his bed with Irikah and Saphira by the sides.

“How long was I out?”-asked Dawn

Irikah looked at her omni-tool and said: “About 24 hours.”

“Great, are we on Asgard?”-replied Dawn”

Saphira stood up and looked at Dawn she said: “Yes we are, and never do this to me again!”

Dawn tried to stand up but his ribs hurt. He saw the broken door on the other side of the room and understood that he hit the door. He looked at his desk and saw other files plus his personnel equipment. He waited till everyone left the room and then contacted Alice:

“We’re there?”-asked Dawn through the intercom.

“ Yes we’ve just docked few miles away Midgard.”-answered Alice

“Why not in the…”-Danw was interrupted: “Look I just arranged you a meeting with one person, when we get to midgard.”-answered the AI. Dawn noded with his head as he slowly stood up.

Tia was looking out of the window. Like many days which has spent on Asgard this day was no difference. The rain was heavy and everything was terrible. But something was bothering her. She hasn’t felt this feel for the last 2 hundred years. Ever since Tia became the Crime lord of Nemean Abyss she never cared for anything.

When she needed thing dealt she simply found another lover who would be able to accomplish the job. Her connections grew. She remembered how she first got her first hired muscle and killed two of her old lover: The Krogan Warlord who was powerful but selfish and her mostly admired Turian who was holding Asgard. She observed the window and found that a ship has just docked near her fortress. Tia sat down and called upon her right hand. Krogan Battlemaster Hewrane. Fierce in battle he was with her from the start. The krogan admired her and even loved her. Asari just used him. She often described him as a personnel pet who wants her in bed, but he never going to get it. Hewrane angered Tia in the last month when he told her about her twins sister incoming transmission. Tia called hust because she was interested.

“You have a chance to get back your glory yourself. Find about who has just landed in such a clean ship.”-she ordered when she was having a bottle of Krogan Whiskey.

“Kill Them?”-asked Hewrane

“You certainly know how to listen. Find about.”-She finished with a bit more lower tone of voice and at the same time used her biotics to push him to the door. She could have used the biotics without moving a single muscle just power of mind. Tia took her cup and started to pour the precious whickey after which no one could have stood on their legs. Well the problem was that she could. She was very well known in krogan organization. Each krogan either wanted to kill her or get away from her. She was a menace to the galaxy, but she wasn’t enough to battle the coming threat.

Dawn moved through the dirty streets of forgotten world and was thinking why would organization like Oblivion Hunters build there base in such a terrible place. Dawn was near to the bar there the meeting was arranged. Suddenly a krogan exited the bar. Dawn looked at him.

“What are you looking at... Drell?”-asked the krogan with anger.

Dawn moved his hand to his SMG and was on his guard.

“You are at the edge of extinction and you dare not to answer to me”-said the krogan again.

No Answer

“Never Mind, my boss the asari wants to see me, I got her information”-replied Hewrane after getting tired to talk to Dawn.

Dawn moved into the bar. He saw his friend and information Broker Nadan. Nadan was a quarian, middle aged, after finishing his pilgrimage he was exiled and now became a broker.

“What’s up?”-asked Dawn

Nadan looked back. He was grateful that Dawn was here.

“Dawn, my friend...”

Dawn interrupted him and said: “last Time you spoke to me like that I had to save you from a gangster, cut the chat.”

“Alright, look the batarians are dragging the Inquisitors here, can you save me?”-asked the quarian

“What, you expect me to believe that all powerful race would attack this planet only because some batarians are coming here? Sorry we should wait and see.”-finished Dawn

He knew that Nadan has a lot of information which can prove useful, but he still was sure that it was stupid, no the most idiotic information he ever had. Dawn told Nadan that he better find a good shed and that he would be willing to help. Nadan calmed down and agreed. Dawn bought him a drink and that when Nadan fell asleep on the bar Dawn exited the Bar.

Caeser, good friend of Dawn and gunnery chief of OHSV Amonkira walked towards him. He was a big drell with a very complex tattoo on his face.

“Dawn, our scanners are reading a giant mass force coming, you met who you needed and we should depart. NOW!”-said Caese

Dawn looked back and headed to the ship.

On the other side of the plaza in the giant fortress Hewrane finally came to Tia.

“Mistress, the ship is Oblivion Hunters. Powerful ship with best technology. Commander is Drell.”-said Hewrane slowly.

Tia who was sitting on her couch towards the window placed empty bottle on the table near and whispered: “Interesting”

Hewrane knew that she would sent him to hunt them and was about to depart when he saw how she stands up looks straight at him. Maybe another biotic, No no no no. She would ask something different.

“So you found about them, you want to kill them, Nice, bring me the ship or at least the schematics.”-said Tia and turned back to the window.

Hewrane exited the room. Tia was still a bit nervous on what was coming so she ordered the shuttle and if anything would have happened when she would survive. Tia walked to her desk which had database of Citadel stolen and looked at the recordings. So Dawn is on Asgard, What might such operative be doing here? She pressed the button and said: “Get me the Nihlus Sakarian.”

She looked at the personnel file. Nihlus SakarianSakarian was a powerful biotic and relative of the councillor. He was young and currently was in coma in the med-bay of Tia private ship. Now that she needed Sakarian was in order to use his position and get the assassination of her closest relative who she was incredibly angered at.

“Sakarian is in coma, sorry may be later”-replied the VI

Tia needed a spy good one and brainwashed sakarian would perfectly suit it.

Suddenly an explosion happened on the other side the plaza. The tower fell. Tia knew that Inquisitors noticed the planet and were about to destroy it. She opened the door to landing pad and proceeded. Minutes later the civilians noticed the pad exploded with the shuttle on it. Though the war raged so much, the long ruling criminal under lord was dead.

Chapter 5: Under AttackEdit

Nova moved through CIC of OHSV Amonkira. She was looking for something but couldn’t find anything. The ship was empty. Where are all the members she thought. She was sleeping for the last few hours and probably missed something. She tried to re activate the AI but it was completely locked off.

Nova was tall and beautiful human female. She was the last of Lawson Dynasty but unlike others never heard of other sisters. She was assigned here not long ago when she joined Phoenix Force. She new that the task was easy. Dock get the cargo and return but something was bothering her. When she exited the Armoury she saw Alice working in the cockpit. She moved towards her.

“Alice?”-asked Nova

Alice slowly turned and answered: “Yes..?”

“Where is everybody?”-Nova asked again

“ They went to pick up the cargo...”

“No I mean the other crew?”-Nova repeated

“Relaxing...And I was sleeping.”-answered Alice

Alice “Ace” Ventura was the helmsman of OHSV Amonkira she started in Alliance but when learned a discriminative fact and ran away. Now the best pilot was trying to relax when the ship was clean.

“Well you woke me up, maybe you can do a job for me?”-asked Alice

“Yeah whatever you say, what do you need?”-replied Nova

“I don’t like the sound of our new friend which some crazy warlord place here to supervise”

“Alright I will check it out.” Nova turned back and went to the elevator.

She went to Cargo Hold and moved to the console. There she again asked to activate the AI.

“Hello, Nova you need anything?”

“Yeah can you check the mental condition of Ryker”-said Nova

“Completely stable, Dawn asked to check it 3-4 times. He is currently on a target practice...”

“Where interrupted Nova?” A sound of bullets appeared and nova hid behind the console. She took her Phallanx heavy Pistol out and tried to look behind the cover. It was Ryker he was tossing with biotics crates into the air and shooting them down with biotics or Shotguns. Nova exited the cover and moved towards him. When she got near a crate fell on her left.

“Human, Hmm? What you need?”-asked Ryker

“I am just looking how you adapt in new environment...”-she was interrupted by Ryker

“Tuchanka is environment to adapt and this place is nothing. Stop being friendly and cut the chase. From your mixed team only Dawn has my Loyalty.”-said the krogan calming down.

“Alright sorry, Just investigating, Why would Dawn win you Loyalty.”-asked Nova

“He helped me...”-a minute of silence started.

Krogan moved to her. It was looking like he was observing Nova. Ryker was about to continue when danger Signal shouted:

“Attention all board, we are under attack.”-Nova and Ryker rushed to elevator and in the end got to the cockpit.

Amonkira was separated from the dock and had to abandon the place.

“Brace for Basis Manuevers”-Shouted Alice she turned the ship the other was where ther was a giant canyon. Few explosions happened around blowing the entrance. OHSV Amonkira started to fly opposite way from explosion when it seemed that the explosion chased the ship. Nova and Ryker were holding the roof in order not to fall. Suddenly the siren stated:

“The Cargo deck Damaged, Engine 1 disabled, Deck 4 power supply cut. Elevator out of use.”

Nova whispered but in such situation it seemed as she said nothing at all:

“We need to get out of here”

The ship was able to get into the other crack in the canyon and explosion disabled the second thrusters. The ship went left and after getting hurt by the hit against the canyon wall the ship was unable to fly it fell into the floor of canyon.

Nova rushed to the galaxy map and ordered the function of Kinetic control. The giant kinetic barrier appeared around the ship surrounding it from falling rocks. The power supply was totally cut.

Ryker was tossed back when the ship fell and broke the door of Lab. Nova was able to create a field of energy which saved her from such wave. Alice stayed in her chair but was knocked out. Nova stood up and tried to open the elevator shaft but it was impossible, she ran to briefing room and tried to contact someone but when she tried to contact someone an explosion happened and hit her with electricity, Everything went silent.

Dawn couldn’t move. His right hand was blocked by a metal object. Dawn tried to look around. He looked right and saw that he was bleeding. Dawn tried to use his omni-tool but it looked as it was broken. Dawn looked up. He saw that Van’Shaar, his good friend genetically engineered collector was blacked out. He was lying in the edge of a catwalk. Dawn pushed the metal object and was able to look further. He saw A turian Armour covered in blood. No Caeser was a master. Such explosion wouldn’t hurt him. Dawn pushed the metal object further and stood on his hand. The hand hurt a lot and Dawn nearly fell back when he saw a giant figure moving through the room. Sarah’s Legs and Susan were hanging on him. He took them. Danw had to do something. He turned his head left and saw a sniper rifle. Near the elevator. The monster walked into elevator and closed the door behind.

Unable to do anything dawn lied back and when he saw his crew member cut in two by a part of a catwalk he said: “Hope Saphira is ok”.

Yeoman Itakha Risha and most of other crew members were locked in tunnel which lead towards the cafeteria. She knew that there was no way for them to get out. She looked at the shuttle which was locked by a giant number of rocks. As always Jerichai , a drell propulsion officer was arguing with Emily the human power officer. Itakha always thought that both would make a great family but she also knew that they would divorce a second after marrying, Irikah Hirios sister of Jerichai used to laugh on them with Itakha but she wasn’t here. Where might she be? Hope she is ok thought Itakha. Today Jerichai was angered and nearly hit Emily when said that if he looked better at propulsion power when they probably survived. Itakha was able to stop it by jumping in between them and calming them down. When Itakha turned towards Emily to ask for help to get out from here she saw in her eyes that in heart she was caring for Jerichai.

“Yes?”-Asked Emily

Itakha was thinking, how much does she care for him. Emily repeated: “Yes, you need anything?”

“Ah yes, I think we might be able to get from here but we just need to get to a Utility tunnel. Can You help me.”-answered Itakha after a long pause.

“Alright lets go.”

Itakha showed her the way and they moved on to clear the utility.

Dawn made the push again. This time he used biotic power to throw the object away and stand up. He used the omni-tool to help him with the hand and he rushed to the turian armor. It was just a part of Armour. He saw how Caeser started to awaken slowly. He rushed to him and used the omni-tool to heal his scars just under the ribs. He brought his hand over his shoulder and stood up. He moved to the room near the elevator. Only one thing still saved Dawn from going insane and dying. The elevator shafts were the strongest part of the building which Oblivion Hunters build. He opened the door near to elevator and placed Caeser carefully inside. He ran up to the stair which led to catwalk, but before going to Van’Shaar he picked up the sniper rifle. And only when ran to Van’Shaar.

He placed him in the same room as Caeser and opened the elevator. Ir was insane but he had to find his crew members and... friends.

Dawn reloaded the sniper rifle and stepped into elevator. The facility was giant, the monster could have been anywhere. The VI. The VI should have detected the monster and if all VI ports are disabled when she definitely would be on VI control level. 23 levels down. Hope there it is still intact. Dawn pressed the button and went down. The elevator was slower when ever.

When the door opened the tunnels were mostly intact with few damaged walls. The light were turning on and off. Dawn moved to the VI centre few halls away. The door opened again. And when suddenly the facility was hit again. VI was able to announce an attack by Orbital Canon. Dawn was pushed by sound wave to the broken wall and he when fell into the other room. The room had an explosive tank which exploded and send Dawn into another wall burning some of his suit. VI announced the total destruction of Levels 2-45. Probably a mistake as he was on 45 himself and it was oK. He came to the old VI port and activated:

“Hello,[[Unidentified ID]].

You are not allowed to ask any specific questions on the tasks and experiments tested here so what are you looking for.”

Dawn thought a bit and answered. “The facility is being roamed by a monster where is he?

“If my sensors are correct he is right behind you.”

Dawn turned back. He saw how the monster was walking towards him. Dawn picked his sniper rifle but he had no time to act. The monster was faster. He jumped on Dawn, reflexes worked well and Dawn was able to step aside and get a clear shot but he pushed the rifle out of Dawn hand. Dawn had nothing more but a biotic abilty. His hands were damaged and he was in noshape to fight. The monster roared something to Dawn and it looked like he expected answer when the monster moved to the console and pressed a button.

“I am...”-tried to say Monster before he was interrupted by Dawn who used a biotic to throw a table at him. He was knocked out.

Saphira was moving through the canyon using the tram which led to Plague City. The tram somehow survived and Saphira knew that Dawn is alright, he should have been on the ship. While passing she noticed OHSV Amonkira lying on the canyons floor. She stopped at the next station and got to Amonkira. It was completely locked. She went to the cargo hold and entered the ship.

Itakha and Emily were in the utility when the second attack hit and the whole tunnel fell down a level or two down. Jerichai ran up there and shouted if they need help. But also jerichai asked is there a way to survive, but the answer was negative. He also told them that a small tunnel opened after the second attack and they needed to get out.

Itakha seen too much to believe it was that easy.

Chapter 6: InitiatedEdit

Kestrel was moving through the streets of Plague City from cover to cover. Mayaza District was on the edge of the city near to the canyon. The canyon was a giant rocky place full of caves and different labs. The whole canyon was run by sphere like tunnels probably made by Tresher Maws. Kestrel stopped when he saw something moving in the district.

The city as the planet was attacked by Inquisitors and the giant figure long way away was one. Kestrel turned around looking for cover when he saw flames and smoke coming out behind the mountain. He looked down. The sphere like tunnels was surrounded by glass?

Kestrel remembered how Dawn told him about using such planets as their outposts. The base was attacked and Inquisitor ship were flying around. Kestrel looked at the figure and it was gone, nothing but dead bodies. Kestrel saw an open door and rushed there. He walked slowly in there and heard someone speaking and when...

Quite. Kestrel observed the balcony they were on and found that they were killed. Idiots should have hide. Kestrel walked up to the next room trying to find any place to survive. He walked up to a strange circular room which had a plan of entire city. The red zones were those which were destroyed and other grey zone still standing. The main plaza was on the other side of the room where Kestrel was standing. Kestrel opened the door and walked up. He was now in a completely different room. It looked as boss’s room and Kestrel knew that was Tia’s A’reenas room. Kestrel found VI Port and activated it to find evidence about Tia, for the future and when continue on their investigation.

“Hello, I have a message for you Kestrel”-said the VI.

“How do you know me?”-asked in return kestrel

“SGA ID database is copied into my main processor by my creator Tia.”-continued the VI: “Tia also allowed to tell you specifically anything you would ask.”

“Play the message”-said Kestrel

“Anyone, you here me, The base locked and I am completely locked of. I need help. No it awakens. Help”-finished the VI

“Dawn, I am going to find him, but why Tia allowed you to answer any specific question”-asked Kestrel

“Because you are special and she like playing games, to play interestingly you should know something.”

“When I better don’t play”-answered Kestrel looked at the plaza.

The plaza was in ash and fire but the small shuttle was still working. Kestrel wanted to use the it to get there but something was seriously wrong...

Dawn was able to get back to his level and bring Sarah and Susan to him. He moved to level 67 with Caeser and Van’Shaar. Dawn tried to open the doors to the train but it wasn’t working. They should have been developed on a magnet system. Dawn looked back. He knew that they, his crewmates and friends hope that he will save them. Once again dawn used his biotic to break the door. He and the others moved to the rail station. It was empty. No train or tram. But a broken M44 Hammerhead and broken window. Dawn looked around.

“Well, Dawn. I know how to drive Hammerhead”-said someone behind his back

“Caeser, You think we should give a burst? Alright”-answered Dawn.

Alice finally awakened, but the other systems were still inactive. Alice saw Ryker and Nova and when the door opened. Alice took her shotgun and was about to shoot when the biotic ability paralyzed her:

“Alice it’s me don’t shoot”-said Saphira walking out of elevator

“I nearly killed you, where are the rest?”-answered back Alice

“ In the base. I had to get to the city.”-relied Saphira

Alice placed her shotgun and asked if it possible to repair the ship with biotics

“No that the fantasy!”-said Saphira

“Look I understand but if we are going to put it running again it would take weeks and months. When I was working on the armament the secondary engine existed and it is possible to set it running I only need some biotic power...”

Saphira has shown agreement sign and asked to show where she needed to work. Alice led her to the engine room.

Meanwhile on deck 4 Alcazar was able to move from the cell which locked behind him when the explosion happened. Alcazar blasted the door. Ship had no energy.

“Great”-whispered Alcazar

Alcazar moved to the office of Lawson. It was empty. Alcazar tried to use the elevator but it was used already. Alcazar sat down and started to think. Second, two later...

Alcazar full of power makes a powerful burst. He breaks the window of the engine room in the Cellls and uses the biotic power to stabilize himself near the core. Alcazar turns and sees someone coming. He sneaks to the door and is about to hit when Alice and Saphira walk in.

“Al?”-asks Saphira

Alcazar stands up and observes the area.

“I prefer Alcazar, what are you doing here?”

“We are about to reactivate the ship and when we are going to pick up the crew”

“Need any help”-says Alcazar

“I am not the engineer but It is clear that to activate it we are going to enter the below core room, need some power.”-said Alice while observing the console.

“There is such room?”-asked Alcazar

Alice show him the console and lead both towards the engine.

“Upgraded version, they made me buy it. Tantalus Vegas Edition. The room is down there”-continued Alice while pointing to a circular object near to the core: “The room is small so I would prefer that Saphira goes there and you are going to pick up the object. Saphira there you are going to use biotics to power the circle at the floor and when the engine may start again.”

Alcazar started to lift up the circle door.

Itakha, Emily and the other crew members got to the open space in the mountain. And started looking for any surviving ship or shuttles. Itakha heard something. Something roaring was behind her. Itakha turned and the...

Dawn walked out of hole in the window. Caeser followed him and said:

“I say we take our chances and get to the city.”

Dawn nodded and replied: “Reason? Inquisitors probably infested the city.”

“Yes, but the base is destroyed the ship probably should have been moved there.”-replied Caeser.

Dawn looked at the M44 Hammerhead and said: “let split, one go to city and others ...”

“Not a possibility, there is nothing else to do here”

Dawn showed everyone to get into the machine and he was to go to Plague City.

As the dawn placed himself inthere everything went back again. The hammerhead moved. The monster walked on the other side of the tram. Looking at the hammerhead. Great he thought.

Chapter 7: AvengersEdit

The hammerhead was moving at full speed through the canyon. Miles away the Plague City was infested with Inquisitors and everyone sitting in the vehicle knew That, but it was their best chance. The hammerhead rode through wrecks and garbage from ship and their old base. Asgard was under siege. The entire planet was broken and there was nothing else. But the nature of this planet would re-populate it in few years. And Tia would rule again. Hammerhead VI was broken and continued to tell everyone inside to look right: “Organic Being may like to aknowledge the nice view on the right”

“So the nice view looks like hell?”-jokingly said Susan.

The hammerhead worked only 23%procent of its full power. And the turret was in no use. The thrusters were broken and the only thing which made the vehicle to move was the small engine. 30 minutes after the city started to show up behind the mountains. The hammerhead was able to lift itself up to 3 meters and get onto the rode in the mountains.

The hammerhead quickly rose up to the level where plague cities main doors were located. Tia issued her own security to keep asgard native animals like Shagda and Reala from entering the city, but today something was really wrong. The gate was blasted with a turret which was left broken few miles away. What power did Inquisitors had if they were able to get City-Fortress. The hammerhead power broke. The secondary generators pushed Hammerhead through the doors and then were left powerless. The hammerhead fell near to the ramp which led to the start of Mayaza District. The generators started to emit smoke.

“So great, everyone evacuate”-shouted Caeser. Dawn opened the door and helped other exit. Caeser was blocked and Dawn dragged him out in the last second. Hammerhead blew. Dawn with the rest walked onto the district observing the place. Some places emitted sound and chatting.

“Survivors, On their place i would have been quite”-said susan.

Dawn was walking near in the last place in the whole squad helping Caeser who’s leg was damaged. He was tired and the hand nearly bled out. They walked towards the main plaza and investigated the area. In the middle a Kodiak drop shuttle was lying nearly untouched. Great. Seconds Later giant inquisitor Jumped out of cover and shot Susan. Sarah as Oblivion Inquisitor or the cleaner was able to patch her up.

Inquisitors were trained medics and technicians. Susan with patched up abilities was able to attack him with push and biotic tornado. Caeser was placed into another cover and left alone when Dawn in his ripped suit took the SMG and with biotic together with Susan started attacking the squad from all sides. Van’Shaar took his rifle and started shooting at Inquisitors head. Unlike normal Inquisitors which Dawn met before this was the most powerful one. The Garganta Unit. Special Program wjich Echelon told to him about few months ago.

Normal units like Inquisitor, Berserker and Overlords. They were easy to take down, well compared to Garganta. Dawn was able to hop onto the Unit and break the helmet. The Inquisitor pushed his head towards the wall and knocked Dawn out. Susan laired The creature onto her and when Danw stood up she was placed back. Susan was lying seconds before being killed, Van’Shaar used Collector Blast ability to wipe out the right leg of the beast. But even like this the Inquisitor used its mass to fall on Van’Shaar. Dawn was the last. Sarah was looking after Caeser and Dawn was in no shape to fight. And when free shots. Deadly shots. The beast still was able to walk. Dawn used the biotics to warp Inquisitor and with the shot from SMG into the face during the charge ability. The inquisitor received another shot and died. Who was the person to fire the shots. Dawn helped Van and Susan and escorted them to cover.

Kestrel sniper rifle was empty. He looked out of cover and saw how Dawn helped the others. Kestrel wanted to shout out Dawn name but something told him not to. Kestrel went down the stairs and was about to meet Dawn when The wall fell down.

Dawn looked at the fallen wall.

“Who is there?”-asked Dawn

“You never was a master guessing by voices?”-replied Kestrel.

Kestrel walked out of the fallen wall and met Dawn. They two exchanged some phrases when the whole place shaken. Dawn and the other ran up the edge. The hole plaza was going Down. Caeser was pushed back into the bar. Dawn rushed after him. Behind the plaza something was working.

“Not Inquisitors Swarms again,”-replied Kestrel

Suddenly broken OHSV Amonkira flew up. The door opened and Ryker jumped out of it. He caught the balcony of the plaza with one hand and with other was holding the edge of the ship. With his enormous power he helped Alice to bring the ship near to evacuate the ground team. Everyone hoped on the ship and they were about to go when noticed that Dawn and Caeser are not here.

Dawn rushed after Caeser to the bar. He took Caeser and was about to go when noticed. No Nadan couldn’t die. And suddenly Nadan stood up. Dawn remembered how he made Nadan drink alcohol. So he is alive. Dawn took him on the other hand and used charge ability to jump into the ships open door.

Ryker caught him and helped him get into the ship. Dawn made sure that the entire crew is on board and ordered Saphira, Kestrel, Nova and Caeser after he patches up in the briefing room.

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