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Mass Effect: Dark Energy is a fan-made series within Mass Effect created and written by Terminus50. The series is composed of several soon-to-be-written stories detailing different character adventures within the Mass Effect universe.

Plot Edit

Each story within the Dark Energy series details a seperate story but they are all connected. In the mid-2180s, galaxy-wide anomalies begin to appear; massive Dark Energy fluctuations begin to ripple through space. As stars begin to obliterate themselves and worlds are evaporated, the danger is a minor threat. As the 2200s roll around, the threat becomes more real as a populated star system begins to fall prey to the same affects.

As dark energy becomes more of a concern to some, others want to harness it's power. Militant, anti-human groups, Terminus warlords, and other hostile forces begin research into the dangerous energies, threatening the balance of the galaxy. As the galaxy slowly begins to slip into chaos, the superpowers of Citadel-space begin mobilizing to put an end to the dangers, once and for all.

Episodes Edit

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