Mock-up cover of the story Mass Effect: Digression

Mass Effect: Digression is a story written by Kenneth White set in the Mass Effect universe following a quarian on his pilgrimage. A multi-chaptered story that takes place shortly after the original Mass Effect game, this fan novel is completely independent of the main story and the characters involved, and like the official novels is purposefully designed in that manner in order to easily fit into everybody's own canon without interference. Though existing canon events, places and even some characters are mentioned and even seen, these are minor occurrences and handled in a vague and unobtrusive manner. Like most official by-products of the Mass Effect series, the title uses the style of having the "Mass Effect" name followed by a word ending in "ion" afterwards. It is a work-in-progress currently, with 18 Chapters thus far.

Plot Edit

The story centres around Yalo'Pala nar Lerta, a young quarian embarking on his pilgrimage with a plan to seek out a gift that will change his people forever.

Main Characters Edit

Secondary/Minor Characters Edit

The following characters play secondary or minor roles in the story:-

Several other characters are mentioned or referenced within the story, some original and some from the existing, official canon, including Dr. Mordin Solus, Dalatrass Narra and Killira T'Nama.

Story Links Edit

The fan novel can be found at the following places:-

Mass Effect FanFic

Chapter SummariesEdit

For a chapter-by-chapter summary of the events in the story, see Mass Effect: Digression Chapter Summaries page. WARNING: This page does contain story spoilers.

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