"Mass Effect: Shanxi" is a series of short stories that details certain events on the Mass Effect universe's Shanxi, a world that was besieged by the turians during the First Contact War. Each (or nearly) every story within "Mass Effect: Shanxi" is told from either the point-of-view of a single character or through a narrator. The exact number of stories to be written is still undecided by the author.

Recurring Characters Edit

Stories Edit

Writer's Notes Edit

  • "Initially, I planned to write about the First Contact War in whole, detailing multiple battles within one of the Mass Effect universe's most pivotal events. Unfortunately, it seems that someone else on this wiki already began a project similar to that so I went with the next most interesting thing, Shanxi. The very mysterious planet was the perfect place to start my first project on this site."

  • "What I would like to do with the stories of Shanxi is provide a fairly vivid picture of the events on Shanxi in the author's mind while allowing the reader to paint their own imaginative picture of the imagery. For this reason, some things may seem a little more vague than others. To increase the image of what I see Shanxi as for the reader, I plan to add images to each story; atleast two."

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