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Systems alliance flag'

The flag of the human Systems Alliance, 2176

Mass effect ssv cordoba

General design of the SSV Cordoba in 2170

On the far side of the Attican Traverse lies a region of lawless space, known as the Terminus Systems. Terminus meaning "end of the road." A proverbial "wild west" replete with petty criminals, pirates and slave traders. And populated by a loose affiliation of minor species looking to disavow all of galactic society and wage wars amongst themselves. Nothing is as it seems at the end of the road...

The human Systems Alliance has sent the SSV Cordoba to answer a distress call from a colony on the frontier of human space...


  • Captain Emilio Vargas- a 40-year-old desk jockey that is pruning his career for a seat in the admiralty, this mission will test his leadership. B: 2136.
  • Staff Commander Sloan Hardeman- a 36-year-old hardened veteran and the original commanding officer of the SSV Cordoba, she is the current executive officer. B: 2140.
  • 1st Lieutenant John Slayton IV - a 29-year-old marine detail commander aboard the SSV Cordoba, he commands a platoon of thirty-two, one of the largest contingents for any cruiser. Slayton has never seen combat prior to 2176. B: 2147.
  • Operations Chief Hector Kaminski - a 32-year-old marine platoon sergeant aboard the SSV Cordoba, has seen alot of action involving Batarians prior. B: 2144.
  • Serviceman 1st class Carson Gandy- a 23-year-old newly enlisted marine, looks up to Lt. Slayton. B: 2153.
  • Diplomat Justin Emmert - a 44-year-old diplomat assigned to the SSV Cordoba in the event of first contact situations, he is known for his "ends justify the means" approach to diplomacy, a dangerous combination here in the Terminus Systems. B: 2132.
  • Dr. Myron Bencomo - a 56-year-old medical doctor that hails from Denver, United North American States, he brings a certain "voice of reason" to the dynamic of the crew. B: 2120.
  • Kut - the pen name of a rogue salarian scientist/military officer working in the Terminus Systems.
  • John Slayton, Sr. - Great-grandfather of John Slayton IV, born in 2055, just turned 121 years old. Slayton's voice of reason and influence. Currently living on Elysium colony.

The Assassination of Enrique Aguilar and Ying XiongEdit

Michael Moser Lang

2176, United North American States

Michael Lang, a political dissident on Earth, is contacted by Cerberus and giving funding to purchase weapons. Lang assassinates Aguilar and Xiong during an economic meeting. This results in a political shuffle that benefits Cerberus' shell companies and plans for the Systems Alliance Parliament.

The Skyllian BlitzEdit

1st Lieutenant John Slayton

2176, Human colony world of Elysium

The cruiser SSV Cordoba was the only ship that exited the systems' mass relay that day. The Cordoba was en route to the one of the only colonies in the Skyillian Verge. The colony's name was Elysium. Elysium was founded in 2160, it's population grew abnormally fast, within a few years it boasted a population of a few million, half of which were aliens.

The colony was attacked by a large force of mercenaries and pirates under the command of Elanos Haliat in what would become the Skyllian Blitz. The Alliance repulsed that attack, leading to significant increases in patrols throughout the Terminus Systems.

Joining the fray was the Alliance frigate SSV Agincourt, Navigator Pressly served aboard her and earned his commission after the Blitz. Haliat is shot dead by Commander Shepard on the planet Agebinium in 2183.

The SSV Cordoba assisted a resistance force that single-handedly repulsed the enemy ground forces long enough so that the Cordoba could arrive.

The Anhur RebellionsEdit

Lieutenant Commander John Slayton

2177, Anhur

The garden world of Anhur where a civil war breaks out over the practice of slavery. The Anhur Rebellions spread across the Amun system. Abolitionism supporters hire Eclipse mercenaries to fight the batarian pro-slavery  Na'hesit faction. The conflict concludes a year later.

Ambush at AkuzeEdit

Lieutenant Commander John Slayton

2177, human colony of Akuze

SSV Cordoba visits the planet Akuze, sending in fifty marines who discover the colony intact but no survivors. The ship rescues a lone survivor from an overnight thresher maw attack. A stealth ship of Cerberus origin deliberately set the thresher maws on the marines to study the creatures and see how the unit reacted.

Cronos Station, Horse Head Nebula

The Illusive Man listens to a recording by a scientist commenting on the attack on Akuze.

The seige of TorfanEdit

Lieutenant Commander John Slayton

2178, the Seige of Torfan

Torfan is a small moon that served as a base for criminals, mostly batarians, who built strongholds deep underground. In retaliation for the Skyllian Blitz, the Systems Alliance raided Torfan. Though the Alliance took heavy losses, the enemy was completely annihilated. After Torfan, the batarians began retreating from Citadel space.

Slayton relentlessly pursued and wiped the batarians out, even those who surrendered, at the cost of many of his own unit. Allying with an unknown lieutenant that would later be known as the "Butcher of Torfan."

The military commander of the operation, Major Kyle, couldn't handle the losses of so many Marines and was eventually given an honorable discharge and fleeing to Presrop, a moon of Klendagon.

The SSV Cordoba was heavily damaged in this engagement and was towed back to Arcturus station for extensive repairs.

Theshaca RaidsEdit

Lieutenant Commander John Slayton

Late 2178, gas giant Theshaca

The SSV Cordoba is relaunched from Arcturus for the Hong system to engage pirates at the gas giant Theshaca.

The Alliance tracks several pirate FTL exit vectors over a period of six months using covert monitoring devices planted on Theshaca's moons, leading the Alliance Navy to eight major pirate anchorages. The Hong system is devoid of pirate activity.

Slayton is promoted to Staff Commander afterward.

The Battle of the CitadelEdit

Four years later...

Staff Commander John Slayton

2183, Widow system, Citadel space station The conclusion of the Eden Prime War, John Slayton fights in Geth ships in an Alliance fighter but is injured and crashed into one of the Wards. Saren and his Geth capital ship Sovereign are subsequently defeated. Dr. Chloe Michel assists him.

2183, Arcturus Station

A month later, while Slayton recovers from his wounds, he discovers that the SSV Cordoba was destroyed during the battle of the Citadel with all hands. Slayton receives a promotion to Major.

2185, Collector attacks in the Outer Colonies - Major Slayton

Two years later, Slayton serves aboard the new SSV Cordoba (II) as the ship's executive officer, but after the ship is attacked by Collectors, the Captain is killed and Slayton assumes command trying to go against the Blood Pack and the Collectors.

2186, Reaper War - Major Slayton

Slayton fights the Reaper War, a large campaign is fought in London. Slayton contacts his 131-year-old great-grandfather for advice and consul. The SSV Cordoba is destroyed at the battle of Earth during Commander Shepard's attempt to retake the planet.

Post-Mass Effect trilogyEdit

2187- Immediate aftermath of the CONTROL ending (EXPLORATION)

When Commander Shepard chose to sacrifice himself in order to control the Reapers and eliminate their threat once and for all. The Reapers became controlled by the consciousness of Shepard, which aided the Citadel races in the rebuilding process, reconstructing the Mass Relays and the destroyed worlds. Admiral Slayton resumes command of the dreadnought SSV Aconcagua on a mission of exploration.

2187- Immediate aftermath of the DESTROY ending (RECONSTRUCTION)

When Commander Shepard chose to destroy the Reapers and all synthetic life, Admiral Hackett and newly promoted Admiral Slayton rebuild and begin to launch survey missions of nearby systems to slowly rebuild civilization.

2187- Immediate aftermath of the SYNTHESIS ending (RETIREMENT)

When Commander Shepard chose to unite synthetic and organic life together to form a new form of life. Major/Admiral Slayton retired from Systems Alliance to live his remaining life on a simple colony in the Outer Colonies.

2187- Immediate aftermath of the REFUSAL ending (DEATH)

When Commander Shepard refused to continue the reaper massacre, humanity and all the Citadel races went extinct and replaced by represntative reapers. Major Slayton was killed in a shuttle as he tried to retreat to a location outside the solar system.

50,000 years later, Dr. Liara T'Soni's message-in-a-bottle is retreived by the next civilization and they end up defeating the reapers, once and for all.

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