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Systems alliance flag'

The flag of the human Systems Alliance, 2176

Mass effect ssv cordoba

General design of the SSV Cordoba in 2170

On the far side of the Attican Traverse lies a region of lawless space, known as the Terminus Systems. Terminus meaning "end of the road." A proverbial "wild west" replete with petty criminals, pirates and slave traders. And populated by a loose affiliation of minor species looking to disavow all of galactic society and wage wars amongst themselves. Nothing is as it seems at the end of the road...

The human Systems Alliance has sent the SSV Cordoba to answer a distress call from a colony on the frontier of human space...


  • Captain Emilio Vargas- a 40-year-old desk jockey that is pruning his career for a seat in the admiralty, this mission will test his leadership. B: 2136.
  • Staff Commander Sloan Hardeman- a 36-year-old hardened veteran and the original commanding officer of the SSV Cordoba, she is the current executive officer. B: 2140.
  • 1st Lieutenant John Slayton IV - a 29-year-old marine detail commander aboard the SSV Cordoba, he commands a platoon of thirty-two, one of the largest contingents for any cruiser. Slayton has never seen combat prior to 2176. B: 2147.
  • Operations Chief Hector Kaminski - a 32-year-old marine platoon sergeant aboard the SSV Cordoba, has seen alot of action involving Batarians prior. B: 2144.
  • Serviceman 1st class Carson Gandy- a 23-year-old newly enlisted marine, looks up to Lt. Slayton. B: 2153.
  • Diplomat Justin Emmert - a 44-year-old diplomat assigned to the SSV Cordoba in the event of first contact situations, he is known for his "ends justify the means" approach to diplomacy, a dangerous combination here in the Terminus Systems. B: 2132.
  • Dr. Myron Bencomo - a 56-year-old medical doctor that hails from Denver, United North American States, he brings a certain "voice of reason" to the dynamic of the crew. B: 2120.
  • Kut - the pen name of a rogue salarian scientist/military officer working in the Terminus Systems.
  • John Slayton, Sr. - Great-grandfather of John Slayton IV, born in 2055, just turned 121 years old. Slayton's voice of reason and influence. Currently living on Elysium colony.

Prologue: First Contact War Edit

1st Lieutenant John Slayton

2157, Human colony world of Shanxi

Lieutenant Slayton participates in humanity's first war with an alien intelligence. It is a hard fought battle but Slayton leads human forces to one of its first victories but not before General Williams surrenders to the Turians.

Act 1: Arcturus Edit

Staff Lieutenant John Slayton

2167, Space Station Arcturus

Lieutenant Slayton reports for duty aboard SSV Cordoba.

Skyllian Blitz 2176-Elysium. The Anhur Rebellions-2177, Anhur. Akuze ambush-2177, Akuze. Torfan seige-2178-Torfan. Theshaca Raids-2178, gas giant Theshaca.

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