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Humanity has finally achieved what was once thought to be impossible, travel to the stars! A gateway has been discovered; the remnants of a long extinct alien race. This gateway is powered by a mysterious form of dark energy known as element zero. Scientists and engineers have determined that it helps create a mass effect on many objects allowing for faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity and more.
Eight years on, humanity has reconvened as the Systems Alliance and has begun exploring nearby planetary systems for life and new worlds to colonize. Though they have not discovered any intelligent spacefaring forms of life, many pundits and commentators state that it is only a matter of time.
Mass Effect: Distant Suns is an interactive "choose your own adventure" project created by Psyfyman81. It follows a Systems Alliance Exploration Flotilla known as the Distant Suns expedition under the command of an inexperienced Commander. As they become lost on the other side of a mass relay with little hope of rescue or survival.


Prologue Edit

  • Go through the mass relay
  • Get attacked by unknown aliens, Turians, and commit a blind jump to another undiscovered relay, get lost with no way back home.
  • Batarians attack the Fleet and steal hundreds of crew members.
  • Omega Station-like horrors.
  • Encounter pirates aliens, Batarians. Warlord Bargin. Vorcha slaves, Quarian slaves, Krogan partners, Lystheni Salarians, Drell assassins, Asari matriarch and a small legion of commandos.
  • Find a habitable alien world.

Timeline Edit

  • 2148: Prospectors discover a small cache of highly advanced technology hidden deep beneath the surface of Mars. Together humanity united to build on the remnants of this long extinct race called the Protheans. Humans quickly explore the science of what becomes known as Element Zero and its Mass Effect, leading to the development of faster-than-light travel.
  • 2149: The human race discovers a massive piece of dormant Prothean technology, a mass effect relay. With this discovery, the Systems Alliance Charter is signed by eighteen of the Earth's largest nations. The Alliance soon becomes the military and exploratory spearhead of humanity. The first teams of explorers are sent through and uncover the mass relays are part of a vast network, making travel across the galaxy possible.
  • 2150: The Systems Alliance begin the first surveys of extrasolar planets beyond the Sol system.
  • 2151: In order to defend its expanding territory, the construction of a massive military fleet and space station at Arcturus begins. Arcturus is the nexus of several key mass relays, even though they have yet to encounter another spacefaring race. Many pundits and commentators predict that it is only a matter of time before one is discovered. An accident at Singapore International Spaceport exposes hundreds of humans to dust-form element zero. Roughly 30% of the children born in Singapore after element zero exposure suffer from cancerous growths.
  • 2152: The Delta Pavonis Foundation, a major consortium based on Earth, begins settlement of humanity's first extrasolar colony world Demeter. Later that year, additional colonies are founded on Eden Prime and Terra Nova.
  • 2154: There is a second publicized accident involving the exposure of humans to element zero.
  • 2155: The Systems Alliance occupies completed portions of Arcturus Station, intended to become the Alliance's headquarters.
  • 2156: Arcturus Station is formally inaugurated. A small number of children exposed to element zero exhibit minor telekinetic abilities.
  • 2157: Pluto's orbit is circularized as a result of mass relay operations. An exploration flotilla known as the Distant Suns expedition departs from Arcturus through the mass relay to a dormant mass relay several thousand light-years from Earth. The First Contact War occurs and the Distant Suns expedition is listed as missing, presumed dead.

Miscellaneous notes Edit

  • Carriers- giant ships, maybe one ship for the exploration fleet, just in space. SSV Newton. Led by Rear Admiral Samuel Meriwether. 400 people.
  • Cruisers- medium-sized. lead ship of the exploration fleet. SSV Houston. SSV Moscow. Led by Captains. 300 people, 600.
  • Frigates- small-sized. SSV Bannockburn. SSV Cunaxa. SSV Tannenberg. SSV Inchon. Led by Captains. 50 total crew, 200.
  • Small expeditionary unit of Marines, led by a Major. 300 people on carrier.
  • Carrier fighter group, led by a Major. 300 people on carrier. Total: 1,800 people.

What Path Will You Choose?




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