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"We were supposed to be the guardians of the galaxy, the keepers of life. For eons our kind protected this delicate galaxy and the life within it. The threats we faced were... staggering to say the least but we would not back down even at the stress of such a duty, in fact that stress is why we did not back down. Despite this, we needed help. We needed strength so we created instruments of our will and sentinels of the peace. O what fools we were. The instruments that we created had turned against the galaxy and in turn, us. We were defeated by our own children and cast from our worlds while the tools that were meant to protect and nurture life burned through the stars. Now, we are here in the cold void; building our strength and counting our sins. We do not seek pity, only redemption. We are the ancients, we are the lost, we are the forgotten."

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