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January 1

Silent Step

The Silent Step-class dreadnought was an extraordinarily powerful warship design developed by Sokuk Duvol, modified by Elitolu Galaxias, and produced by Galaxial Tech. Utilized most prominently by the Batarians, the Silent Step-class was considered the ultimate arbiter of space combat; millions of tons of reinforced steel, internal braces, and dozens of gun batteries holding only the most advanced weaponry, all dedicated to the exclusive purpose of projecting massive amounts of debilitating firepower against any target, and effectively defending against another vessel of similar or even greater ability. However, despite the design's extreme practical effectiveness as a vessel of war, it was more effective as a psychological weapon, and, as the Silent Step-class was used extensively and very seccessfully on numerous campaigns by the Hsia, this resulted in the design gaining an almost legendary reputation of invincibility and indomitable power, despite the fact that at least several ships of the class were destroyed by the Citadel Council and Terminus Union at several battles.

Colossal in size, armed beyond the teeth with powerful weaponry the likes of which the galaxy had never seen prior to the Great Purging, and holding an overall predatory appearence and reputation, the Silent Step-class dreadnought was often referred to as the Salarian Dreadnought among Citadel and Terminus Navy personnel, as well as The End of the World by most infantry soldiers. Due to their immense size and the large amount of resources necessary to construct a single vessel, however, the design was very expensive to build; merely constructing four of the ships could bankrupt the defense forces of an average world. This ensured that those who did possess one or more of the incredible ships usually kept them in reserve for only the most important ingagements, as building another was simply too costly for most forces who could even afford one in the first place.

January 4

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