The title of User of the Month is an award given to select users who show the best of what the site has to offer. A User of the Month shows exemplary commitment to the site and make outstanding effort to improve it. They should also demonstrate a helpfulness that goes above and beyond what would normally be expected for a user, and they should also try to help guide new users into becoming active community members.

Nomination Edit

A person can nominate themselves or another user to be User of the Month by sending an Administrator a request on one of our talk pages. Ordinarily, a community vote would take place to decide whether or not the user should be a User of the Month and though the votes of the community are taken into SERIOUS consideration, the decision ultimately lies with the Administration. Writing skill, behavior, and contributions are all taken into account when deciding the User of the Month. How to nominate:

When you nominate a user, please use the following nomination form in order to maintain a sense of organization on the nominations track:

 ===Candidate's name=== 

Candidates will remain on the nominations track until the end of the month, even if the nominee declines. If the nominee declines, it will be noted next to their name and no one will be allowed to vote for that candidate. The candidate with the most votes will be the User of the Month.

Once a User of the Month is chosen, their names will be added to the User of the Month Archive and their user page will be tagged with a banner commending their efforts for the site.

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