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The Massacre of Orodium was the igniting event of the Galactus Conflict. It was the first time that the Galactus forces openly showed themselves to the galactic community.

On December 7th of 2195, the colony world of Orodium was attacked by Galactus forces. The planet's small fleet of defense ships fell at an extremely high rate, all being eradicated before a distress signal was even made. The Galactus quickly swooped down to the surface and began attacking the colony. Police attempted to save the colony and her citizens but the Galactus were far too numerous and far too powerful. Within hours, the colony was all but annihilated. Out of the 300,000 citizens and police living on the planet, only twelve survived by hiding in rubble. This caused mass outrage in Citadel space. The Citadel Council sent in eight highly experienced Spectres and a small fleet to try and scare the Galactus into submission. This failed however and the Citadel Council had no choice but to fight the Galactus into submission.

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