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Matriarch Solumna
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The Royalist Side in Secret Wars


"Asari, The truth is hidden we should join together in falling apart galaxy in order to maintain the peace, rise with me and remember All is One!


―Solumna on her demonstration before the Thessia Rebellions

Matriarch Solumna was one of leading matriarchs of her time.She had many supporters all around the galaxy. She was born in the wealthiest family and her biotics were extremely powerful. She was known to the fact that from all Asari Matriarchs she was able to persuade asari and not only asari to follow her, having 15 % of all existing asari following her and 3 millions of Hanar, Salarians and Elcor. She also has the most children from all matriarchs.


Born a millenia ago she was born on the wealthiest family of Thessia. As she grew her interest on working in the bar and with help of her family was able to get few bars on thessia. But soon afterwards fell in love with knowledge. She loved knowledge or 700 years when finally she got the title of Matriarch. As the matriarch she got many followers and also became friends with Matriarch Benezia. When she was killed she became against shepard.

Soon when Inquisitor Crisis happened she led the asari to protect Illium, but when the Illium fell she retreated. Other Matriarchs lost some faith in her. She was completely nearly exiled after the crisis past when Secret Wars started. She exiled herself under such pressure and led the royalist side in Thessia Rebellions. After it she was caught and was executed officially but in reality she was kept prisoner on Asgard. She was freed by Tia A'reena who used her to double her force.

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