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Musashi starfighter

Highly manueverable and generously armed, Musashi Fighters are highly valued accessories for Systems Alliance cruisers. They are small enough to fit them in cruisers and, as of 2189, been added to special undercarriage hangars on newer cruisers. They are fitted with powerfrul kinetic barriers to protect them from dangerous, solid projectiles. When at full strength, their barriers can even protect from a direct hit from a frigates torpedo. They also have powerful thrusters along with mass effect fields that accelerate them at incredibly high speeds. They are only large enough to fit one pilot so they can be found even in some frigates. They are built with advanced VIs that assist the pilot and tells them when an enemy is approaching, an enemy has a lock on them, what direction the enemy is coming from, and the status of the fighter. The stabilizers are built with jamming screens that keep them from being detected on RADAR. The Musashi also has twin Pulse Rocket Launchers, anti-fighter cannons, and machine cannons. It is also the first fighter to have the Guardian Box integrated into it.

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