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Nail Itola
Drell Renegade

A former Spectre, Nail Itola is one of the galaxy's most skilled assassins. Nail had a difficult life, growing up on a small mercenary outpost far from the drell haven of Kahje. When his parents were killed, he was taken in by Lisea Masari, a highly-decorated Spectre, who mentored him and trained him to be an efficient fighter. In time, Lisea would recommend Nail to the Citadel Council as a Spectre candidate.

He would successfully be sworn in as a Spectre at the age of seventeen, making him not only the first drell Spectre but the youngest Spectre in history. His skill as a Spectre was great, but his attitude and blatant disrespect for the Council and their orders would cost him his Spectre status. After that, Nail disappeared from Council-space without a trace.

Dossier Edit

- Infiltration expertise

- Skilled in all forms of combat

- Extreme adaptability

Described as an assassin, Nail is a notable vigilante. Talented in espionage, infiltration, and assassination. Nail is talented in several martial arts and weapons systems, mastering marksmanship in pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles aswell as melee weaponry. Known to be cold, calculating, and brutal at times that require it. His reputation of ruthless efficiency makes many wary of him when they discover who he is.

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