Nano Armor is an experimental powered assault exoskeleton created in late 2220 by Solaris Armory. The Nano armor was created by nantechnology and reverse engineering of Geth technology, mostly Geth Hoppers. The armor has muscular fibers made with nanotechnology that compliments the wearers strength and actuall increases it. The body armor is extremely lightweight, flexible, and durable. Synthetic muscle fibers give the wearer increased reflexes and speed aswell as extremely decreasing exhaustion. The armor's gloves come with highly sensitive nerve-like fibers that allow the wearer to precisely read vibrations and heart rates and grip steep surfaces such as walls and ceilings. The visor built into the helmet has multiple vision settings including infrared and night vision.

Kinetic barriers coupled with its near impenetrable exterior armor allows for heavy defense. The armor is supported by alloy plates along the skull, spine, and ribs, allowing for the wearer to withstand a large amount of pressure and weight. The nanotechnology is also very advanced, allowing for the armor to eventually 'heal' after taking damage. The armor has very advanced life support systems and a built-in transmitter allowing allies to find the wearer if he ever goes missing. In addition, the armor has extremely advanced tracking systems such as a GPS tracker and the ability to track targets by locating samples of DNA.

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