The Night Pack Emblem

The Night Pack is a ruthless Mercenary group based out of the Nemean Abyss. Their main base exists on Nightshade. They have been in existance since 2174.

start and infoEdit

The Night Pack was founded in 2174 by an unnamed human. They employ alliance-grade training (often more brutal than the N7 program) to ensure their troops are the best that can be offerred and use very effective scare tactics. most troops wear the same armor type usually seen in the Urban Combat Championships on Earth. They offer their troops any selection of weapons they desire (so long as they can provide it). It is not unusual to see a Death Dealer among their ranks on any given operation, but most Night Pack Mercs perfer to work alone.

scare tacticsEdit

When it comes to body count, no other merc group comes close to the Night Pack. They make a habbit of leaving bloodied corpses at the scene. Some of which bear inhuman bite marks or torn to shreds. at any point that a night pack operative was involved, you will see, drawn in blood, their emblem. They are the band that WANTS to be noticed. in that, they are the most feared merc group in the Travese, Skyllian Verge, or Nemean Abyss.

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