Milky Way/Nemean Abyss/Lions Gate system
The Wolfen colony at night
Orbital Distance: N/A
Orbital Period: 4.2 Earth Years Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio: N/A
Radius: 5,000 miles km
Day Length: 21.6 Earth Hours Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 0.9 atm
Surface Temp: 33 °C
Surface Gravity: 0.5 g
Mass: 0.5 Earth Masses Earth Masses
Satellites: N/A

Nightshade is a planet in the Nemean Abyss colonized by Wolfen Engineering for mining a certain type of unobtainium and as a frontier colony in this hostile region. It is the first human colony in the Nemean Abyss and it is where most of the starcraft from Wolfen are built before being sent to Alliance Buyers.

Planetary conditionsEdit

Nightshade orbits the Lions Gate, a black dwarf star that has only 7 million years left before collapse. One unique effect of this is that Nightshade is a world of eternal night. It's atmosphere is similar to that of earth and the core generates most of the planet's heat, but it is for the most part a tundra world similar to Noveria.


the colony on Nightshade was founded in 2173 as a Wolfen-controlled colony so they may operate outside Citadel Space to allow the Council to keep their service in exchange for the unique opportunities to provide for lesser know groups such as the Assassin Order or Death Dealers who depend on the fortifying qualities of Nightshade Unobtainium for their weapons. It is still technically an Alliance colony as Wolfen is a Systems Alliance contracter

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