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Oblivion Hunter Space Vehicle Amonkira named after Drell goddes Amonkira Lord of Hunters.This ship was created by newest Technology based on old Normandy schematics plus the technology of the Drell. The ship was given under command of Dawn. The ship became the headquaters of Phoenix Force and acted like that for a few years, but when threat of Architect was successfully repelled the scientists of Noveria took the ship. Literally stole it. When Dawn returned his first task was to infiltrate the docks which held the ship. The ship is also suited with a AI which act mostly as system organizer and defense.

Notable CrewEdit

  • Dawn - Commanding officer of OHSV Amonkira
  • Ryker - Muscle and one of Most respected members of the Ship
  • XM-5 - Oblivion Supervisor
  • Nova Lawson - Combat Support officer, recently promoted to Vice-executive officer.

Internal LayoutEdit

Deck 1:Command QuatersEdit

Command Quaters on Amonkira have two rooms and an elevator. Commanders Quater is suited with private office and bathrooom also for emergency the commander may take the control of all ship. This deck is situated at the on top of the ship. There is a big aquarium when you enter and a locker. Oblivion Hunters were able to implant the extra-net TV into the room. The room also may take the role of the communication room because it can translate holographic images just to the space near the bed.

There is a second room to elevators left. This room serves partly as evacuation pad for the commander because at the end of the room there is an entrance into the pod. And the other reason is the AI core. This room as the commander quaters may be one of most secured rooms. Inside pressing "Seal the Core" button would seal the door so the door would survive.

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