The Omni-Bow was a purposed omni-tool weapon before the re-introduction of the Omni-Blade. The concept, design, use and development was by Delen Keara, after the sudden success of the M14/486 powered exoskeleton. Delen was ordered by Alliance Corporations to design a ranged-like weapon that is built-in for the omni-tool. Initial developing started just after the success of the M14 exoskeleton. In 2185, Delen shut down the project after many injuries regarding the testing of the weapon and complaints regarding the continuation of the project along with the death of one of the project personel. Logs were taken into custody of the United Nations to cover up the project.


"I was just admitted into a new project and I must say, the armor was amazing when Sal used it. I mean, many adult people were unable to handle it's lightweight and use but Sal just placed it on and started to exhibit no injuries or pain. Anyway, the United States National Security Advisor just came to me for something interesting and how could I say no"
―Delen Keara, Project log 1#

"I got to meet the developing staff. They seem to be very excited to start making what the United States purposes. The National Security Advisor noted on my presence at the conference 3 years ago. Anyway, I got to meet the staff that I'll be working with. Most look nervous, but they'll adjust. The young one looks very cute. Must be very nervous being picked to be in the most important projects of Humanity."
―Delen Keara, Project log 2#

"Well, we have just started initial printing on the schematics. That young scientist was just being shy to stared at and then just automatically went to work. He is very fast. Must be pressured he'll get fired. A worker that helped with the schematics said something about an Omni-Rang but were making a bow that was used in old human history before the gun was created. But this bow is made the use of a persons Omni-Tool. Might become a weapon to be released to the public once it is finished."
―Delen Keara, Project log 3#

"Well... it's been 4 weeks since I have made a log but this log will tell good news. We finished it! The Omni-Bow went just as expected. All of us are having a party and the United States National Security Advisor is coming to congratulate us on our work. About that young kid. I know he looks at me. I've seen it before. I'm going to ask him to be in my room later tonight. "
―Delen Keara, Project log 4#

"I woke up this morning. Dr. Demrega came in and told me to stop going after the kid. Says relationships between staff is prohibited during access 4 work. Stupid bitch, I see her with that drell coming to her home everyday, sleeping with her because she can't get over the loss of her previous boy! She just needs to stay out of my way or she will really regret it!"
―Delen Keara, Project log 5#

"This is the final log I will be making because. The kid... he... He got in the way of the bow. It pierced his heart. We tried to get him to medical but he died before we even got there. I really don't know how to deal with this. I feel so helpless against this loss. I need some water."
―Delen Keara, Project log 6#

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