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The Omnipats are a race that have tried to mostly stay away from Citadel inhabiting species. Considering themselves superior to other races, they have decided to take up a single home world in the Horse-head Nebula where they live amongst themselves, believeing that contact with lesser beings can contaminate their race. Standing at 12 feet 6 inches these creatures pride themselves on their physical strength and nothing else. Although they are considered unintellegent by most races, new information has been released by explorers entering their homeworld. One explorer writes "The creatures seem primitive to the naked eye, refusing to advance technologically and regularly partaking in the consumption of mind altering drugs. But when studied, the mask of simplicity is sheaded. The creatures perform physical tasks no one should be able to muster. Even in their perfect bodies the strength to tear zinducles (hydrogen trees) from the earth is not attainable. And yet i have seen the feat performed with my own eyes. They seem to possess a strength that is not only physical but spiritual as well. Perhaps by avoiding learning to walk they learned to fly."

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