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Outlaw is an enigmatic turian member of the Shogun crew and takes responsibility as the scout commander. A turian who has never spoken a word to anyone, Outlaw communicates through nods of his head and hand signs. Outlaw has also never been seen without his/her armor and mask on, leaving many to speculate. Giz and Biz think that Outlaw is a synthetic while Halberd suspects the infamous assassin of being a "turian who looked at a krogan the wrong way". Either way, this turian is possibly the greatest marksman of Shogun.

Personality Edit

Outlaw does not particularly have a personality per say. No one even knows the gender of the assassin and were it not for the obvious body shape, they wouldn't know Outlaw's race either. Outlaw does have a way of conveying messages though as the turian carries an aura so strong, a person can feel the assassin glaring at them through his/her mask. Particularly calm, Outlaw reacts very little to pain which backs up the Sirga twins synthetic theory. Though a turian, Outlaw gains respect even from the krogan members of Shogun as they cite him/her as being "A skilled and surprisingly loyal turian."

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