Pod Rats are a race of non-sentient organisms found on multiple worlds.

Biology Edit

Pod Rats, despite their name, are reptilian, though they have mammalian and insect characteristics. They are about 2-4 inches long, and weigh about 1 1/2 pounds. They are cold blooded creatures with six legs, four eyes, and pods on their backs that carry fluid. They have long, skinny tails, and small mouths filled with tiny teeth and powerful muscles in the back of their throats to assist them in feeding. They breed quickly and live short lives. In its 3 month lifespan, a Pod Rat can have up to 50 offspring.

Habits Edit

Pod Rats are creatures who have made it to many other world becuse they tend to hide in ships. The municipal rooms of starships supply sufficient materials for their survival. The heat and moisture from the boilers coupled with the fungus that grows on the walls isa perfect living space for them. Pod Rats, unlike earth Rats, are very clean and smart creatures. They form colonies in which they all work together. They have designated eating areas and toilet areas, keeping both very seperate. Pod Rats shed their skin every 3 weeks as a way of removing dirt. They are disliked by ship crews because they breed in large numbers and steal food from them.

Known habitats Edit

  • Ships
  • Elysium
  • Feros
  • Eden Prime
  • Thessia
  • Virmire

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