Poleepkwa State Arms is the only weapons company coming out of the Poleepkwa collective. They were founded in 2009 by the poleepkwa businessman Gantor Orthos. They are based off of the poleepkwa homeworld.

Military experienceEdit

Little is known about conflict on the poleepkwa homeworld, but they have proven their weapons' effectiveness on earth. In 2009, they lent their weapons and many good soldiers. They were formally founded as an independant company in 2009 on the eve of may 15th. They have agreed that most of their energy weapons are classified as heavy, given the effects of the arc gun in particular. Their weapons are most sought after in the Terminus Systems.

Front line equipmentEdit

The only weapon they build that has been deemed acceptable for front line use is the Flachette, a mass accelerator machine gun that can tear armor-and flesh- off of a traget. the Flachette MK. 2 is collapsible, making it easier to use for other races.

Exclusive contractsEdit

Poleepkwa State Arms has many groups that it sells to exclusively outside of the black market. One group is the Night Pack, a ruthless mercenary band Based out of Nightshade in the Nemean Abyss. They sell heavy weapons to the Alliance publicly, and to Cerberus through black market go-betweens. The Flichette is sold to the militaries of all council races, and several mercenary groups such as the Night Pack, Blue Suns, and Eclipse.

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