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Project Deity was a


project based on Terra Valde which was started as an attempt at creating a cyber-weapon to use against alien threats. The project is also marked as Cerberus and the 

Illusive Man's

first time making use of highly-advanced technology as they used many remnants from the wreckage of 



Development Edit

In 2183 CE, almost immediately after the Battle of the Citadel, the Illusive Man orders Cerberus ships to quickly enter the area of the Citadel and capture as much of the remains of Sovereign as possible, preferably taking anything that looked important. The Illusive Man had been tracking


and already knew much about Sovereign, but he didn't know what the 


was truly capable of. As a result of their extremely risky mission into the heart of Citadel Space, the Cerberus recovery teams managed to find what appeared to be the Reaper's CPU core along with many other fragments of the machine.

The remains of Sovereign's 'brain' underwent countless hours of study and engineering with little to no breakthrough. It wasn't until nearly two months later that Cerberus researchers discovered that Sovereign wasn't just a


machine, it was an AI. Unfortunately for the scientists they had to put most of their research and studies with the AI brain on hiatus due to the death of 


and the beginning of the 

Lazarus Project

. After the completion of the Lazarus Project, Project Deity was reactivated. After constant months of maintenance, the CPU core was rebuilt as a Cerberus weapon, an AI dubbed Deity.

Rogue Edit

Development on Project Deity was ceased by Deity, itself. It showed no signs of a rogue state but quickly managed to shutdown all shuttle flights, jam all communications, and take control of much of Terra Valde's systems, including it's defense network. Colonists attempted to flee but were shot out of the sky before they could leave atmosphere. When they tried to call for help, Deity blocked their communications but still actively received communications from Cerberus and sent the Illusive Man falsified reports regularly to keep from drawing too much suspicion. When the Cerberus captives initially tried to fight back, they were quickly fought back by Deity's mechs. For months, Deity reigned over Terra Valde with an iron fist (literally).

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