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Raven was an executor in C-Sec in 2222. This job was given to him from old executor in 2209. His real age is unknown but he is old. There is a giant discriminating fact.After the Inquisitor Crisis He was one of the people to insist on making Medal of Palaven and was also granted one for his actions.


The reports few years back have witnessed different crime syndicates shut down. The truth was a lot more complicated when everyone thought. About 30 years back quite young turian joined the gang after he spent two years working in military and helping social causes.The gang was known as a huge protection racket. Blue Suns had a lot o work in such industries. He spent his next years making connections and his carrier up. He became a commander of Blue Suns forces on Omega and it its nearby systems. Once the Eclipse attacked his base. Eclipse were a lot more powerful when the small outpost he visited to pick up the money. The outpost was raided and all were either enslaved or killed. Raven for example was knocked out with his armor destroyed. Eclipse found him and thought that he was slave in Blue Suns and took him. When he awoke few day after he was enlisted in Eclipse. He built his ranks when revealed most of information to Eclipse about , supplies, resources and coordinates of Blue Sun Bases. He eventually was given a hard task to transport Prothean relic from one place to another. The Ship was attacked by a strange being. Raven was the only survivor who was found by Turian Anarchy. While working for Anarchy he found lot about Oblivion Hunters. Soon afterwards he took a rest on citadel after certain circumstances. At some point he joined C-Sec and rose up the ranks quicker when anyone before. He became the Executor.

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