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Krogan Enforcer

Reave was a krogan warlord, the only one of Saren Arterius' krogan to survive Shepard's raid on Virmire. Since then, Reave had established himself as a ruthless killing machine, fighting against foes for no apparent reason, non even to himself. This unstoppable juggernaut who was confused about his purpose, ravaged many mercenary bands, military patrols, and everything in between becoming one of the galaxy's most feared krogan.

Dossier Edit

- Rapid regeneration

- Great strength and stamina

- Brutishly violent

Reave was one of Saren's krogan, one of the first created at his Virmire base and the only one to survive. Reave knew nothing of his purpose and when Saren died, he simply began traveling throughout the galaxy, fighting against powerful foes to quench an insatiable thirst for true combat. He soon found someone who could help him know his purpose; Warlord. Warlord convinced Reave that his purpose was to serve Warlord as his personal guard and enforcer. From that day forward, Warlord was rarely ever seen without Reave by his side.

His brute strength is far beyond that of an ordinary krogan and his instinctive fighting skill is far more devastating. Even in his normal state, Reave fights with the intensity of a krogan in blood rage. When he actually goes into blood rage, his strength, speed, and stamina increase ten fold and he becomes a pure savage, brutishly tearing his foes apart limb from limb until they are a pile of shredded organs soaked in blood.

Combat Edit

Reave is noticeably larger than most krogan as he pushes somewhere around eight feet tall. Being nearly two tons of mostly muscle, it isn't hard to realize that Reave is terrifyingly strong. When in blood rage, Reave charges his foes at full-speed, blindly mowing down anything else that may be in the way. In standard combat, Reave duel wields an M-8 Avenger and an M-920 Cain. While fairly slow moving with these weapons, Reave is incredibly dangerous. His armor has been updated with much thicker plating which further hinders his movement and accuracy but increases his defensive capability. Reave is extremely unpredictable unlike most of Saren's krogan who simply advance. He uses greater tactics, sets traps, and will completely shift his battle plan in an instant when needed. For that reason, keeping a long distance from him is recommended as he can quickly drop his weapons and go into blood rage in an instant. Furthermore, it is best to keep fire on Reave's Cain weapon. Damaging the weapon while it is charging will stop it's charging process.

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