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Red Dawn was a small private military organization garrisoned within the Terminus Systems. The organization was known for it's ruthless executions and merciless operations within the Terminus Systems, aswell as being one of the largest dealers of Blood Grass within the confines of Omega.

The mercenary outfit was founded by Sherum Kurinus and many former members of the turian military. These elite commandos operate fiercely against those who oppose them. In the past, Red Dawn exclusively employed turians into their ranks but, due to lack of manpower, they began recruiting batarians and humans to bolster their forces and gain funding from non-turian criminal groups.

Red Dawn made up most of the criminal element within Omega since the outfit's founding. The group's hostile takeover of much of the Blood Grass, Red Sand, and Minagen X3 trade that made it's way to Omega, gave them incredible influence over the streets. Also, there small armies of YMIRs, LOKIs, and FENRIS Mechs made them go unquestioned by almost everyone in Omega, as they answered only to Aria. In the end, the Red Dawn would find itself under the control of the sadistic extremist, Miko.

Troop Variants Edit

Key Members Edit

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